Olle Gardens picked as One of the 11 Best Raised Garden Beds of 2023 per Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

The 11 Best Raised Garden Beds of 2023

Cultivate a bountiful garden with these raised garden beds.

By Renee Freemon Mulvhill | Updated on July 11, 2023

Want to make gardening easier and give your growing space a neat and unified look? Raised garden beds can help you with that.

They have numerous advantages over growing in the ground: they elevate the garden space so there’s less need for bending, help the soil warm up faster in spring so you can get an early start on the gardening season, and can help keep weeds and garden critters at bay. Plus, they allow you the opportunity to have decent soil, no matter where you place them or where you live.

“Since it’s not being compacted by foot traffic, raised bed soil stays fluffy and aerated, and it’s also much easier to amend the soil to meet your specific growing needs,” says Lindsay Miller, horticultural writer for Gardener’s Supply Company.

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