Black Thumb Gardens

Black Thumb Farm started the Black Thumb Gardens program at Stoney Point High School and Valor Academy High School.

Black Thumb Farm built and installed our raised garden beds in the schools with the goal of improving and beautifying the existing school ecosystem. Their Garden Educators invite youth to learn to farm and garden in ways that benefit people as well as the natural environment. They teach the histories of traditional farming practices and work the land to continue these closed circle processes. Their intention is to empower students to fight for food sovereignty in their communities as well as give them access to a safe, green space where they can explore their own passions and connection to the land amongst their peers.
Yu-Shing oversees the garden education program for leading and nourishing their community with some gardening knowledge. The kids at Stoney Point  High School and Valor Academy High School demonstrated a tremendous amount of curiosity and are eager to learn all the knowledge and abilities necessary to reclaim their health.
In addition to exploring companion planting, Yu-Shing has been exploring and lecturing on the various pollinators that visit the garden. The kids have also been learning about composting and discovering the importance of worms as key players in a healthy soil ecosystem. Through observing red wigglers and constructing vermicompost bins or worm farms, the students are now able to take care of veggie scraps and contribute to closing the loop in our gardens. Additionally, the gardens have benefitted from the recent rainfall, resulting in plentiful harvests of veggies and herbs. As winter transitions into spring, the gardens are now starting to bloom with colorful flowers.