Gompers K-5 School

Olle Gardens worked with Gompers PTA for their campus beautification project and Earth Day Event. They have placed a garden bed outside each class and planted over 150 flowers, plants and vegetables in the Olle raised garden beds. The classes will compete to see who does the best in caring for their plants. 

Letter from Jessica Washington (Gompers PTA) detailing the project phases. 
Gompers K-5 Elementary recently held our campus beautification/ Earth Day event on 4/21/23. During the event we planted over 150 flowers, plants, & vegetables throughout our campus.

Our goal is to educate our student body and Gompers community on caring for plants & flowers; as well as the importance of sustainability “farm to table” with our veggie garden.

We are in the process of forming a “Green Team'' which will consist of students, faculty, and parent volunteers. All who are committed to maintaining our beds and expanding their knowledge to enhance our gardens.

Phase 1 consisted of planting 20 separate raised beds throughout our campus at various locations. Some in front of classrooms, others in various high traffic areas. Every student had the opportunity to plant a flower, vegetable or succulent.

Phase 2 will consist of forming our “Green Team” to care and maintain the garden beds by watering and tending to our flowers & vegetables.

Phase 3 will encompass educational material for each teacher/classroom on various gardening and earth friendly topics.

Phase 4 will provide our “Green Team” students with the opportunity to visit the Master Gardens in Long Beach along with meeting Chef Rod to learn more about the importance of sustainability in growing vegetables, etc.

We greatly appreciate your generous donation – your contribution has brightened up our campus.

Sincere thanks,
Jessica Washington
Gompers Elementary PTA/ VP Fundraising