Olle Story

We're Olle, a family-grown company, where modernization and gardening join together.
Having manufactured Luxury Outdoor Furniture for the past 20 years,
Olle Metal Garden Beds have now become the focal point in your yard for growing your vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Here at Olle, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice simplicity and style to begin a healthier and earth-friendly lifestyle.
The Olle brand product line is designed to give you and your family a truly fantastic gardening experience.

Olle Garden Beds Quick Assembly

Providing better ways to grow veggies,fruits,and more.

How to Use Olle Garden Beds?


Choose your space for your Olle Metal Garden Bed


Make Your Own Compost


Choose Your Top Soil


Unleash Your Green Thumb

Olle Benefit 


Teach your child about growing their own fruits, veggies, herbs and plants. The possibilities are endless!


Save the Earth-grow your own food.

Save Money

Olle Garden Metal Beds warm up more quickly in the spring and drain better (assuming the soil is properly prepared), allowing for a longer growing season and better growing conditions.

For Inquiries

Email : Info@Ollegardens.Com

Phone : 1-833-OLLEUSA (833) 655-3872

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