13 Powerful Plants In Your Garden Bed That Naturally Repel Flies

Did you know that flies are actually beneficial insects that play an important role in the environment? When they act as prey, they will attract wild animals to our yard and attack other bad insects in the garden, but most importantly, flies will decompose organic matter. Sadly, these reasons have not changed the fact that flies can be very annoying, especially in the hot summer. The good news is that you don't need to whip flies with a fly swatter. Instead, you can choose natural methods by simply planting certain types of plants in your garden bed or yard.

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What are the most effective plants that can help drive away flies?

Some of the most effective fly repelling plants include:

Sweet basil
Laurel tree
Dionaea muscipula
Lemon thyme



How to use these plants to drive away flies?

The main characteristics of these plants that make them effective against flies are their pungency and strong fragrance. But they also have compounds that are effective against flies, such as terpenes, methanol, carvol, thymol and pyrethrum.

How to use these plants to drive away flies?

To use these plants, simply plant them or place them in an infected area near the kitchen or trash can. You can also make a natural spray by mixing oil with water.

Are there any other benefits to using these plants to drive away flies?

Of course, yes! In addition to fighting flies, some of these plants can be used for cooking, and some can be used to treat minor skin diseases.

Should any precautions be taken when using these plants to drive away flies?

Not really, but you should be aware that some of these plants are not suitable for cooking (even if they sound like one). Others may irritate the skin, such as the chrysanthemum plant.

What odor keeps flies away?

There are different kinds of strong smells that can drive away flies. The most popular plants are eucalyptus, mint, lavender and lemongrass.

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What plant odor do flies hate?

Flies despise the smell of lavender, mint, catmint, rosemary and basil. These insects also don't like cinnamon, lemon grass, eucalyptus and wormwood.

What are the perennial plants that repel mosquitoes and flies?

Perennial plants that repel flies and other insects (such as mosquitoes) include sumac, douglas fir, white spruce, cactus, austrian pine, philadelphia, olive tree, myrtle beech, magnolia, mahogany, linden, juniper, locust, grape vine, fig tree, eucalyptus, cypress, cedar, catalpa, etc! These are some of the most powerful mosquito repellents, and you can also use them to ward off flies.