6 Benefits of Raised Garden Beds

Why use an raised garden bed, you ask? Garden beds serve a variety of purposes. These products make life infinitely easier for avid gardeners, especially those who grow their own food in their backyard.

raised garden bed

1. Healthier, more resilient plants

Contrary to popular belief, a raised bed is different from a standard flower pot. The bottom of the pot prevents soil loss. The bottom acts as a barrier to prevent the plant roots from spreading further into the ground. Pots require some type of permeable cloth or frequent layering with gravel to ensure proper drainage.

Elevated garden beds, on the other hand, have no bottom. These products are openly placed on the ground, allowing the plant to spread its roots further into the soil. Because plant roots can go deep underground without competing with pathway weeds, soil nutrients are taken up more efficiently. That is why plants set on elevated garden beds are healthier and more resilient to the elements.

2. Maintain or improve soil quality

The structure of the soil affects the health of plants. Soil erosion, especially during heavy downpours, can expose plant roots and wash away the nutrients needed for plant growth. In addition, poor soil conditions can lead to nutrient deficiencies, stunted growth, reduced yields and reduced blooms. The use of elevated garden beds protects the soil from erosion.

If you want to grow vegetables early in the season because the soil temperature is perfect, an elevated garden bed will improve the survival rate of the crop. Since the soil is resistant to erosion, you have better control over soil quality. You can enrich your plot with organic fertilizers and modify them as needed without worrying about heavy rain. You can flip the soil and prevent compaction during the colder months. The soil is always well drained because it is above the ground. Raised beds help aerate the soil, extend the growing season, and lighten the tree's root system.

3. Provide more space for planting plants

Not all gardeners have huge outdoor garden spaces. If space is an issue, you can maximize the small amount of space in your garden with raised garden beds. With elevated garden beds, you can arrange plants in neat sections. This allows you to make room for more plants and enjoy impressive yields when space is limited. If you like variety, you can combine different crops in a raised garden bed. You can also grow more plants using the side of the garden box!

raised garden bed

4. Easy gardening

Although gardening is a relaxing hobby, some activities are very strenuous because they are the back. Bending down to maintain your garden plot, removing unwanted garden debris, weeding daily are just a few of the many chores that gardening brings. Thankfully, using an elevated garden bed can relieve some of the stress of gardening. Since the plants are planted in confined spaces, it becomes easier to remove garden debris and weed.

Elevating the plant to the ground is also more suitable for gardeners with reduced mobility. Depending on the quality of the loft bed, you can also sit on the edge of the garden box to clean the plot, which reduces back strain.

5. Higher yield

Raised beds give you more control over soil quality. Beds help divide a large yard into manageable areas for you to work in. You can easily enrich the soil and support more plants. Since the plant grows closer to the ground and the leaves do not touch the soil, the plant is able to effectively absorb all the nutrients in the soil while preventing decay.

6. Effective pest and infestation deterrence

Elevated garden beds provide an elevated plot for plants, which is useful when repelling pests. Since the plant is a few inches above the ground, burrowing pests will have a hard time penetrating the barrier.

If the plant is closer to the ground, garden pests tend to spread easily. Planting vegetables on raised garden beds and attaching a sturdy frame to enclose the bed is an effective strategy to deter pests. You can also combine an elevated garden bed with a plastic lining to protect your plants from cave parasites. Barbed wire also prevents small rodents from feasting on your vegetable garden. The increased height prevents pets and children from trampling on the plant.

raised garden beds

When plants are placed in elevated garden beds, it is also much easier to spot infestations and remove pests. All you have to do is walk between beds and check the plants regularly to prevent infestations. With a raised garden bed, you can spot pests more easily, allowing you to control problems before they worsen.

Garden beds have many benefits, so start a healthy lifestyle with garden beds.