6 Ideas of Cheap Raised Garden Beds

Gardening can be a fulfilling hobby, but sometimes space limitations or local regulations can prevent us from planting directly in the ground. However, there are still ways to achieve your dream garden, such as using an inexpensive raised garden bed. Take a look at these suggestions to discover the perfect design for your garden.

raised garden beds

The idea of cost saving and protruding garden beds

1.Raised compost and vegetable garden

If you enjoy gardening, you may also be interested in composting. Composting naturally decomposes specific types of waste and adds three essential nutrients to the soil - nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Transferring compost from the trash can to the elevated garden bed requires effort, unless they are combined together.

Build a raised garden bed according to the required size of the selected space and divide it into multiple containers, placing compost materials between each plant. They will have separate containers for the root system to thrive, but whenever you need fresh soil, compost waste will be within reach.

2.Raised planter lattice box

Connecting the grid to the plant box makes it easier to plant vine flowers such as wisteria or honeysuckle. You can also make boxes from any material you like. Choose traditional wood or fashionable metal plaid. You can use the correct tools to create raised flower racks of any size and material.

3.Self watering raised garden bed

Your future garden bed can be self watered with the help of perforated drainage pipes. Place a fish pond liner on the raised box and nail it in place. The pipeline spans the bottom of the box, but due to edge perforation, it is easy to fill with water.

The final step is to add a layer of vermiculite to the pipeline. Affordable moss absorbs lingering water, so whenever the plant dries up, the roots can drink from it. On the hottest day of the year, you will have a self regulating sponge to water your plants.

If you enjoy traveling, this is a particularly important choice. You can take a long vacation this summer without worrying about your plants dying. If you are leaving for a week, soak the pipes with a hose before leaving home - moss can contain moisture, so your plants can withstand any weather.

4.Cedar wall planting machine

You can set up an elevated garden bed in the yard, but there is also a way to utilize the empty wall space. Invest in a few cedar boards and build a flower pot with shelves that can climb up your wall. It looks great on the porch and side of the house. You can even paint or decorate new vertical flower pots to match the exterior color of the house.

Please remember that when pests leave the ground, they can still reach your plant. They will fly or climb into each flowerpot and eat the garden you have worked hard to plant. Monitor them closely and take proactive pest control measures, such as using marigold to protect your plants, as they can repel insects that would otherwise damage crops.

5.Vertical Strawberry Planter

If you have a few dollars, you may have enough budget space to buy a standing strawberry planter. All it needs is a few two by four wooden boards with side drilled holes. Fill with gravel to improve its drainage, and cover the rock with soil. You can put strawberry seedlings in each hole and they can grow.

This flowerpot is doubly useful because it can rain. The vertical shape directly guides water to the buried roots without bypassing the leaves and stems. You don't have to worry about leaf decay either, as the leaves won't get between the watering can and the soil.

Due to leaf rot and mold being the two most common challenges faced by gardeners, this is a simple solution that can protect your future harvest. By replicating the flowerpot with other seedling varieties, you will have a beautiful vertical garden that is suitable for anywhere on your property.

6.Red brick raised flower pot

You may think that if your house has a brick exterior, wooden flower pots may not look suitable. The good news is that bricks are relatively cheap. You also need some other bricklaying tools, such as:




Tape measure

Concrete is only a few dollars per bag, so supplies should not make your budget too small. Mix it with water and make bricks in a bucket or cart. You only need to measure the position of the bricks you want and apply concrete evenly between the layers to build the garden bed to the height you want.

Consider the idea of cheap raised garden beds

You don't need a big budget to have a charming garden. The restrictions on your living space should not stop you either. This year, consider using one of these cheap ideas to plant your dream garden. Match your favorite ideas with the place you want to start, and unknowingly, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.