Best Soil For an Olle Metal Garden Bed

Since good soil is the foundation of a healthy Olle Metal Garden Bed, you want to make sure you’re setting your veggies, fruits, herbs, plants, and flowers, up for success. A major benefit of gardening in Olle’s metal garden beds is that you get to control the soil. In a metal garden bed, the soil remains loose and friable, rather than being hard-packed after being stepped on overtime. 

Finding an area in your yard from which you can move topsoil will help in filling your bed. Using soil calculators online can help you figure out how much soil you need.

Cutting out the sod underneath where your Olle metal garden bed will go. Having flipped the pieces, grass-side-down to fill the bottom of your garden bed is ideal. Since there is a lot of soil attached, the grass will break down over time. So, you’ll require less soil to fill the metal garden bed.