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Garden design is based on a common emotion: it is not frivolous to surround yourself with beauty. Concept: Gardeners strive to provide a sense of beauty that makes them happy in outdoor spaces, balconies and furniture, and finally reserve a space for rest for the world. This content also has some reference value for Olle Garden Beds.

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Trend 1: Planting your own cut flower garden

More and more gardeners are trying to grow their own bouquet materials, including sunflowers of various colors, daisies, cosmos and other flowers that are easy to grow at home, which are very suitable for use as bouquets. The bouquets picked in their own gardens can bring more happiness, intoxication and appeal through the dissemination and sharing in the community.

The preparations required include: (1) Select the appropriate varieties of cut flowers, and choose flowers with strong stems and long flowering period. The flowers available include: aster, golden chrysanthemum, verbena, cockscomb, echinacea, cosmos, narcissus, dahlia, kingfisher, herba thistle, gladiolus, iris, marigold, ornamental onion, peony, buttercup, rose, sage, marigold, sunflower, yujinxiang, yarrow, sweet pea, daisy, etc. (2) Find a vacant land and plan flower beds, irrigation devices, etc. (3) Prepare suitable soil.

Trend 2: Building farmhouse gardens

This romantic planting style features colorful and fragrant flowers blooming from the garden bed. Add some ingenious elements to the garden, such as wheelbarrows, bicycles and other ingenious plant containers. Dense planting is usually adopted to create a colorful ocean of flowers.

The garden plants in the farmhouse can be selected: Allium, whose spherical flower heads swing above a sea of green leaves, bring color to the garden. Dianthus caryophyllus, a broad genus of annual and perennial varieties, can be an excellent choice for any garden. Yarrow, famous for its drought resistance and easy growth, can grow many gorgeous umbels of different colors.

Trend 3: Mediterranean style garden

The Mediterranean scenery is reminiscent of the picture of strolling around the charming swimming pool in the background of colorful walls and lush plants. By integrating the vibrant Mediterranean garden aesthetics into your own yard, you will feel like you are on vacation all year round. Mediterranean Garden is a typical leisurely outdoor lifestyle in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco and other countries. Outdoor dining, leisurely nap and gathering with family and friends are common. Sensory experience is essential, whether it is the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine, the quiet sound of running water, or the bright colors of painted walls, exotic fabrics and decorative tiles. The style is simple and casual, emitting a sense of timelessness, and integrated with the natural environment.

The characteristic plants of Mediterranean garden are olive trees, which have silver green leaves and knotty trunks, becoming the focus of beauty. Vanilla, for many people, the smell of rosemary or lavender alone will remind people of the Mediterranean garden. But don't forget the others - oregano, basil, etc! Bougainvillea, these clever climbing plants are full of vitality.

Trend 4: Grass for grass

Over the years, gardeners have been demolishing lawns and replacing them with drought tolerant and insect friendly plants for many years. As lawn gardens become more and more popular, the demand for lawn substitutes continues to grow. The following are several reasons why grassland gardens attract many people: they provide habitats for wild animals, including bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators; Once established, the grassland garden does not need fertilization and water supplement, does not use harmful chemicals, and does not need regular pruning. Plants can consist of only native plants, or annual plants or other favorite plants. There are no strict rules on how to complete them.

Trend 5: Rare indoor plant varieties

It is no secret that indoor plants have been popular for some time. But now, those who have succeeded are looking for an interesting way to expand this hobby: to find and collect rare and unusual varieties. The following are some indoor plant qualities that we expect indoor gardeners will desire in 2023:

Unusual colors. Of course, green is a classic, but for fun and difference, gardeners are looking for plants with strange colors, such as various kinds of bamboo taros with strange leaf colors.

Large ornamental leaves. Unexpectedly, the huge leaves become a noticeable decoration in the interior. Such as Xilin taro, because its leaves will grow with the growth of plants.

Interesting shapes. For example, various varieties of bird's nest ferns in Japan have an extraordinary sense of beauty.

Interesting patterns and textures. There are a lot of indoor plants with amazing leaves. Pay attention to variegated varieties and those with prominent textures, such as calla lily with pink texture or precious taro with uneven, ridged and mottled leaves.

Hydroponics. Their main attraction is that you can simply plant them in water. No soil required! In addition to easy care (just change the water as needed - at least once every few months), if they are placed in a glass container, they also look very neat and can show the root system.

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Trend 6: Adding texture with foliage plants

For many experienced gardeners, leaves have always been the focus of attention. But for others, recognizing what leaves can offer is opening up a whole new world of possibilities. In addition to the various colors that can be obtained from plant leaves, gardeners are also happy to add leaves to various textures to increase the depth and complexity of gardens and containers. "If there is no contrast between different textures, the composition will look ordinary." Here are some ways to use textures to make a garden an extraordinary landscape:

Enhanced touch. Whether walking on the soft moss, rubbing the leaves of the fluffy woolly fringes (sheep's ears), or touching the delicate stem tip of the ornamental grass, you can touch and feel the plants to upgrade the garden experience to a new level.

Make full use of light. When choosing plants for your space, consider where the sun shines and how to use it. Dim leaves do not reflect light as shiny leaves do, so choose wisely when allocating plants to each area of the garden.

Enrich visual interest. Different textures can make composition more complex. For example, some ferns among several groups of Hosta plants can make your eyes stop to watch. Hosta has a smooth texture, while ferns are more complex - their thallus has many feathers protruding from the midvein.

Trend 7: Explore vertical space planting

For many people, it is very difficult to move to a place that is larger than their existing space, considering housing prices, interest rates and various other factors. Whatever the reason, many gardeners are making full use of the space they have. What is one of the best ways? Vertical gardening. Although vertical gardening has been popular for some time, we have seen an increase in people's interest in it. Several vertical planting methods are provided as follows: arbor, lattice or pergola; Baskets, flower pots and containers; Fence frame, bag or other installation container; Climbing plant wall; Plant planting wall.

Trend 8: Make outdoor space energetic and bright

Who can deny that seeing a garden full of vibrant flowers is an instant and effective emotional booster? We see gardeners becoming more and more creative in color combinations. The garden is like a new art project every year, and the garden in spring is like opening a new box of crayons! The combination of color and texture can create beautiful things. You can also repeat several color combinations throughout the garden, helping to create cohesion and help your vision flow from one space to another. Colors can also come from non plant materials, such as colorful flower pots or other elements, such as doors, chairs, lattices, and tomato cages. Energetic outdoor pillows, blankets and patterned carpets can also help.

Trend 9: Use of natural materials

People's increasing interest in creating calm and quiet spaces has led to the increasing use of natural materials for hard landscape design. The natural stone path once again captured the gardener's heart. Simple stone roads paved with small stones or stepping stones let us slow down. Let's take time to enjoy the garden. What could be better in a world full of to-do lists and constantly emerging information?

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Every year, gardeners will have some ideas and concepts, and then disappear from time to time. However, there are other ideas that have always been popular because for many people, they are the key to gardening