Double D Metal Raised Garden Bed

Today, I would like to introduce a brand new raised garden bed: Double D metal raised garden bed. The raised garden bed is made of the highest level of new materials plated with aluminum, magnesium and zinc, as well as environmentally friendly special garden coatings , which are extremely resistant to corrosion and have a long service life. Up to 20 to 30 years.

Novel shape, double-D structure, planted vegetables and flowers can be separated from the area, with a sense of hierarchy, which relieves the aesthetic fatigue of the regular shape of ordinary gardens. Vegetables or flowers with developed roots can be planted in the upper layer, and vegetables with a single root system can be planted in the lower layer. It's fun to grow rationally for different needs.

The entire flower bed looks simple and stylish and can be arranged in a single or double D shape depending on the size and layout of your yard.

The screws are symmetrical, and the screws are appropriately reduced without affecting the strength, making the shape more beautiful and easier to assemble.

There are currently four colors to choose from, olive green, dark green, white, and gray.

A set of flower beds with different heights, different planting areas, different colors, different materials and paints, and different shapes can be said to be a unique and perfect combination. What are you waiting for, in the warm spring, bring your garden and hoe to build you The perfect garden, welcome others to praise!