Eggplant Companion Plants

Some of the best companion plants for eggplants are borage, oregano, mints, nightshade, broccoli, radish, marigold, nasturtium, and pole beans. Eggplants are heavy feeders so best to choose plants that require the same thing. Plants that should not be grown near eggplants are geranium, corn, and fennel.

10 Best Eggplant Companion Plants

For a vegetable like an eggplant that requires high maintenance, you will need to follow its guide in toto to have a good yield. However, companion planting will help in achieving the same results with little stress.

1. Nightshade
Eggplant belongs to the nightshade family. Unlike other plants that can’t companion with their family, eggplant will grow well and not compete for nutrients. This implies that eggplant will companion with peppers, and tomatoes well even though they are vulnerable to similar diseases and pests.

2. Broccoli
The relationship between eggplant and broccoli is commensal. Broccoli supplies the soil with nutrients that eggplant feeds on. Eggplant needs to feed on sufficient nutrients to survive and produce a good yield. It takes up the nutrients incorporated into the soil by broccoli.

3. Nasturtiums
Nasturtiums have beautiful flowers that blossom. Aphids are common pests that get attracted to Nasturtiums. To ward away aphids from your eggplant, situate some Nasturtium flowers close by.

4. Borage
Flowers have a pest repelling attribute. Borage is another example of a flower that helps to keep worms away from your eggplant. Borages can invite pollinators to your plant.

5. Pole Beans
Cover crops are one of the best companion plants to have in your garden. These crops fix nitrogen in the soil. Eggplant requires a significant amount of nitrogen to grow.

6. Spinach
Spinach and eggplant benefit each other and are perfect companions. Eggplant serves as a source of shade for spinach and spinach helps eggplant to conserve moisture. Both plants don’t attract diseases or pests when planted together.

7. Rosemary

Some herbs serve as good companion plants for eggplant. Eggplant prefers herbs with a strong scent. Rosemary emits a pungent scent that will help in deterring colorado potato beetles from eggplant. Rosemary enhances its flavor too. 

8. Radish
It takes a professional gardener to use the ‘Trap crop’ method of gardening. Trap crop involves using a companion plant that attracts certain pests similar to your plant as a distraction. Nasturtium flowers are an example of a trap crop. It is used to distract aphids from your eggplant. Another example of a trap crop is Radish. Radishes distract flea beetles from eggplant and attract them to themselves.

9. Oregano
Aphids, cabbage moths, and spiders are major pests that can destroy your eggplant. However, planting flowers or herbs that can deter these pests is your best bet. Some examples of these plants have been mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Oregano releases a scent that keeps these pests at bay. It also invites pollinators and helpful insects.

10. Mints
Mint has a magical effect on humans let alone pests. This herb releases a scent that gets rid of pests. There are varieties of mint plants that pair well with eggplant. They include peppermint and winter mint. Although mint is an invasive herb, its root will have no adverse effect on eggplant. By sprinkling some mint leaves or growing them with eggplant, pests will stay far away from it.

11. Marigold
Marigolds pair well with many crops in the garden. This flower invites pollinators to your Aubergines and releases a pungent smell that keeps pests at bay. Take note that beans must not be found with marigold and eggplant on the same soil because it’s toxic to its growth.

Are eggplants easy to grow?
Eggplant requires high maintenance and some species are difficult to grow. Eggplant is not regarded as an easy-to-grow plant because of the pest it is vulnerable to. Eggplant is susceptible to flea beetles. White eggplant and large oval eggplant are species of eggplant that will not give you too many problems trying to cultivate it.