Garden Bed Tips: What to Plant in Autumn

When you know what to plant, autumn may be a super easy time to grow. Let's help you get started.

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You may not think autumn is a good time to plant, but it is! The air is cool, the soil is warm, and your garden is begging for a new foundation. Fewer calories, fewer disease and pest threats, and - for trees and shrubs - a chance to start taking root before the screening time next spring. Are you ready to learn all the cool things you can grow in autumn? You have this!

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Vegetables and herbs
Unless you live in a place like Arizona or Florida where the seasons do not change much, the trick to building a productive autumn vegetable and herb garden is to get the estimated date of the first frost in your area and count down from there. For example, Chinese cabbage takes about 50 days to harvest, so it should be planted about 2 months before the first frost date. For a quick start in this season, consider planting strong, vigorous plants instead of waiting for a pile of seeds to germinate. In addition, you can try cold and semi cold resistant cold season crops, such as kale and kale, which can withstand several frosts and even taste better because of them!

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Vanilla: coriander *, chives *, parsley *, sage *, thyme*
Semi cold resistant vegetables: beet, carrot, cauliflower *, celery *, Chinese cabbage *, chicory, Irish potato, lettuce *, chicory, turnip *, Swiss beet*
Cold resistant vegetables: broccoli *, Brussels sprouts *, cabbage *, collards *, British peas *, collards *, turnips *, leeks *, mustard *, radish *, spinach *, radish

flowers and plants
Flowers planted in autumn can be divided into two categories: annual plants for immediate autumn flowering and perennial plants (including bulbs) that will bloom in the future season. Annual plants, such as mother, pansy, viola or ornamental kale, are very suitable for popular colors in the season. Perennial plants that can survive and reproduce for many years should be selected according to your cold resistant area to obtain the coldest temperature it can withstand.

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Annual plants in autumn: mother, pansy, viola, ornamental kale, chrysanthemum, calibrachoa, petunia, purple fountain grass
Autumn color perennial plants: Sedum, coral bell, golden pheasant, gaillardia, black eyed Susan, salvia miltiorrhiza, onion, sweet flag, blue star
Spring bulbs planted in autumn: crocus, narcissus, narcissus, hyacinth, tulip

Trees and shrubs
When you plant them after the summer heat has passed, trees and shrubs can focus on rooting deep in the soil rather than on growing new leaves, flowers and fruits.

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Trees: Chinese pistachio, maple, Japanese maple, fruit tree, dogwood, locust, linden, pine, spruce
Shrubs: hydrangea, mermaid, sweet shrub, blueberry, spiraea, viburnum, sumac