Garden Bed Tips: When to plant spring bulbs

When spring comes to your area, find out when to plant bulbs to bloom.Time is everything.

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The planting of bulbs needs to be considered in advance: bulbs that bloom in spring need to be planted in autumn so that they can bloom during the screening time. Before the cold weather in winter starts, the bulbs need a certain time to set up, and they need enough time to be exposed to the cool soil temperature to properly cool. But the fall on the calendar of San Antonio, Texas, does not appear at the same time as that of Minneapolis, Minnesota. How do you know when to plant? Follow the steps below, you will have many flowers in spring.

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Know your cold zone
The easiest way to know when to plant bulbs is to use the USDA's Cold Weather Map as a planting guide. This map divides the country into 11 planting areas according to the annual average minimum winter temperature. First, use the map to find the cold resistant area you live in. Then, refer to the list below to know when to plant spring flowering bulbs in your area.

Zone 1 (below - 50 ° F): early September
Zone 2 (- 50 to - 40 ° F): early September
Zone 3 (- 40 to - 30 ° F): mid September
Zone 4 (- 30 to - 20 ° F): late September to early October
Zone 5 (- 20 to - 10 ° F): late September to early October
Zone 6 (- 10 to 0 ° F): mid October
Zone 7 (0 to 10 ° F): early November
Zone 8 (10 to 20 ° F): early November
Zone 9 * (20 to 30 ° F): early December
Zone 10 * (30 to 40 ° F): mid December
Zone 11 * (higher than 40 ° F): late December

*Planting spring flowering bulbs in these areas may require additional cooling.

Tips for planting light bulbs in cold regions.

In the coldest area (Zone 1 to Zone 4), if the planting is early enough to establish the bulb before the ground freezes, the growth and performance of the bulb is the best. After a month of planting, cover the bed with 3 to 4 inches of hay, straw, or crushed leaves. This will keep the soil warm enough for the bulb root to grow, and protect the tender bulb from frostbite in winter, especially when the snow is sparse.

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Tips for planting light bulbs in warm areas
In the warmest winter area (Zone 7 to Zone 11), choose the bulb varieties that are most suitable for warm winter, such as wild tulips originating in southern Europe. Most large flower tulips, hyacinths, and crocuses require additional cooling before planting to bloom successfully in spring. To cool the bulbs before planting, place them in the refrigerator fresh-keeping box for 8 to 10 weeks - but keep the bulbs away from fruits and vegetables because they release ethylene gas, causing the buds in the bulbs to stop. As the ground rarely freezes, if any, bulbs can be planted in these areas until December or even early January.