How To Keep Squirrels Away From Raised Garden Beds

Don't let big eyes and bushy tails fool you. Although squirrels look cute and naughty, they may be troublesome animals. These naughty creatures are famous for destroying garden furniture, attacking bird feeders and playing with flower balls far away from you. In fact, according to an article by a world-class wildlife clearance organization, squirrels cause millions of dollars of property loss every year. How to keep these pests away from your garden beds?

garden beds
1. Keep the garden bed clean and tidy. The raised garden bed is very suitable for gardening, but squirrels also like the extra height of the garden bed. These beds provide a place full of seeds, away from predators. This may be very tempting for hungry squirrels. To prevent squirrels from stopping to eat your flowers or vegetables, please diligently pick up any seeds, nuts, vegetables or fruits that may fall from the plants in the area.

2. In addition to mint, there are other plants with the odor that squirrels hate. Mint is considered as an invasive plant, so it is better to plant it in a separate container instead of planting it together with other plants. However, marigold can be planted together with vegetables and other plants to prevent squirrels.

3. Water If squirrels venture into your garden bed and bite a juicy tomato, they may be more thirsty than hungry. Place a plate of water quite far from the garden bed so that they can have a cool drink. Sprinklers can also be used to surprise squirrels. Put a sprinkler near the garden bed. After being splashed several times, the squirrel will look for food elsewhere.

4. The squirrel does not like the feeling of covering or gravel on the ground. Put a layer of these materials on the soil of the garden bed to prevent squirrels from digging seeds. Covering also has some benefits for your plants, keeping them insulated and preventing rapid evaporation of moisture.

5. Cover your plants If squirrels are still determined to reach your plants, you may need to give them some additional protection. Use bell shaped greenhouses to cover plants so that squirrels cannot reach them. Just like laying mulch, this can help your plants by preventing other pests and creating the best humidity.
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6. Squirrels have a variety of natural enemies to scare them away. Some of them, such as dogs, can be recruited to help scare them away. If your dog spends time around yard furniture in the backyard, squirrels are less likely to want to wander around your yard furniture. Other squirrel scare strategies may include placing a scarecrow or owl statue near the furniture (just make sure you move it occasionally so the squirrel won't catch up).

Squirrels may be very cunning animals, but there are many ways to beat them. These techniques will help keep squirrels away from your favorite outdoor locations so you can enjoy your terrace or garden. Who knows? As long as they don't cause trouble, you can even learn to appreciate their unique charm.