How to Maintain a Metal Raised Garden Bed

How to extend the life of a metal raised garden bed? Here are some tips to help you take better care of your metal raised garden bed to prolong its product life.

1. Avoid acidic soils

To further prevent small amounts of zinc from seeping into the soil, don't use highly acidic soils or amendments on garden beds, as the acid can cause galvanized steel to break down over time.

2. Use padding

If you do plan to grow plants that require acidic soil, use plastic liners on the sides of the garden bed to prevent the soil from directly touching the sides of the planter.

3. Add Overlay

Adding mulch to your garden bed will help prevent evaporation, so your garden bed will retain moisture for longer.

4. Water early

Another tip for properly watering a garden bed is to water it before sunrise. This helps ensure your plants get the moisture they need before evaporating. Avoid loose, sandy soils as the water will flow too fast and you will need to water again. When watering plants, water them deeply into the soil around the base of the plant.

5. Choose the right location

When setting up garden beds, keep them out of the sun all day to prevent them from drying out in the heat.

You can safely use these stylish containers to grow delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers, build your dream garden with durable metal raised garden beds, and you'll love the many benefits these elegant containers offer. With durable construction and a unique look, you'll be able to grow your favorite plants season after season.