How to Use Raised Bed for Gardening

If you want to grow your own vegetables, having your own raised bed or using POTS on your balcony is the best option. Growing your own vegetables allows you to enjoy fresh, healthy vegetables at any time, as well as experience the pleasure of rural life.

For those of you who have no plant experience at all. While it may seem easy to plant vegetables, the actual practice can be confusing and you don't know where to start. Here is the order of priorities.

raised garden bed

Choose the right location

The best place to grow vegetables is in full sunlight and as much space as possible. At the same time, attention should be paid to being close to the water source, of course, if the location of the choice of vegetables is level, it is better.

Choose vegetables for cooking seeds

Generally, what to grow depends on your local climate and your favorite flavors. For starters, choose vegetables that are easy to grow, such as carrots, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, or some leafy vegetables.

Prepare the soil

Loose soil is something you must do before planting vegetables. You can buy some fertilizer at the store and mix it with the soil. So the vegetables will have enough fertility for later growth.

Of course, if you are a little lazy, you can just loosen the soil. In the future, after the vegetables grow out, you can also apply topdressing.

If the soil condition in your vegetable field is not good, or you use POTS or planting beds to grow vegetables, you can also use the nutritious soil purchased in the supermarket or configure some of your own nutritious soil, and then mix the appropriate amount of organic fertilizer or compost fertilizer to complete the soil preparation.

Plant the seed

Planting is as simple as digging a hole in the loose soil, then dropping a few seeds and covering them with soil.

You can decide how deep to dig according to the planting depth stated in the instructions on the package of seeds you buy. Generally speaking, about 2 to 3 centimeters can be used.

raised garden bed


Water the planted soil with a shower, taking care not to flush it. As soon as the seeds were planted, the flood washed away the floating earth covering them. Water the seeds every one or two days. The main purpose is to moisturize them so they can germinate.

Daily nursing after emergence

Watering fertilizer

After the vegetable seedlings grow out, we should also pay attention to watering. When watering, we should pay attention not to the more the better. It is necessary to pour through and not to have water.

Fertilizer can choose to make their own compost or supermarket to buy organic fertilizer, completely decomposed cattle and sheep manure to topdressing, generally in the middle and late stage of vegetable growth for topdressing, at this time the fertility of the bottom fertilizer has not much, if not timely topdressing, it will affect the growth of late vegetables.

Some vegetables also need topdressing after the first picking, such as beans and cucumbers that can be picked several times. The purpose of topdressing at this time is to promote the turning of flowers and produce more fruits.


If there is grass in the vegetable patch, it should be removed in time. Especially in the seedling period of vegetables, in fact, the root system of the seedlings is relatively weak, and the absorption capacity is not strong. Weeds and vegetable seedlings will rob the soil of water and nutrients, at this time the seedlings are competing for weeds, so the growth will be greatly affected.


Vegetables need space to grow, and you find that the few seeds you planted have grown into seedlings. When they have five or six leaves, they can plant the strongest seedlings and pull out the smaller ones. This will give the seedlings enough room to grow later in life.

raised garden bed

Growing vegetables is very simple, and generally you'll have enough confidence after you've done it a few times. So you can keep trying other kinds of vegetables. But it's generally recommended to start with the best vegetables to build confidence and fun. With enough patience and optimism, no pains will be lost.