Knowledge from Olle Garden Bed: 7 Best Plants for Winter Hanging Basket

In many areas, cold conditions have begun and gardens are covered with snow. Although your backyard oasis may be dormant in the next few months, there is no reason why you can't use several cradles to make this place active! The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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There are some beautiful plants that can withstand some winter weather and make your porch look more popular.


You may see marigolds in summer, but their resistance to cold weather is amazing. As long as the temperature is no less than 25 degrees Fahrenheit, they will continue to live and can withstand some frost.

If you live in a place where the winter is mild or the autumn is long, somewhere in the growth zone 9 to 11, these will be an excellent supplement to your basket. You can help them live longer in the cold by providing them with sufficient direct sunlight and well drained, nutrient rich soil.


Nemesia flowers do not like heat. On the contrary, they prefer mild to cool temperatures, making them good plants for hanging baskets in autumn and winter. They grow best in growth zones 2 to 10.

You may already be familiar with these flowers because they grow well in containers!

These guys are often used for winter gardening in the southern United States and grow well between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees, the plants will not grow so fast and will become larger.

With previous hardening, Nemesia can withstand temperatures as low as 32 degrees and then die. These plants work best if their soil is on the dry side, so putting them in a basket with other plants that prefer moderate watering will make you successful.

Trailing Lantana

Dragging Lantana camara is considered invasive in some areas, so keeping it in a container is your best choice. It also likes well drained soil, so make sure there are holes in the bottom of your basket to drain excess water.

Lantana camara is most suitable for planting area 7 or warmer, and it is heat resistant, drought resistant and sun resistant. Lantana camara is killed at 28 degrees Fahrenheit, so if the temperature drops so low, you will want to bring it in. To help it prepare for winter, please stop fertilizing Lantana camara plants in August or September, so as to harden new growth before the cold comes. Add a few inches of mulch to protect the roots, and water only when the top one or two inches of soil feels dry.

Died Lantana camara by cutting or picking dead and dying flowers to encourage more flower production and keep healthy in winter (such as haircut). Keep this basket in direct sunlight all day long.

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You may often learn about this plant by its nickname, Pseudoclover. Its unique chestnut leaves make it a beautiful complement to the basket. Although it is a different plant, it does emit poinsettia like energy, which can help your space more Christmas.

Oxalis likes the shade of the porch, so try to find a place where there is not so much sunshine. Too much sunlight can trigger the plant's dormancy at 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If this happens, unfortunately, the false clover will drop its leaves.

It also performs best in well drained, fertile soil mixtures, which dry out when touched between watering. With this in mind, try to plant false clover and Nemesis together in a basket

The plant will persist until the temperature drops to about 15 degrees or below.


You may know that this perennial plant is an ode bell. Like pseudo clover and flakes, this plant has some unforgettable leaves. They are colorful, variegated, wild and eccentric, which can bring some depth to the hanging flowerpots or containers.

In summer, some varieties bloom. In winter, heuchera can withstand cold temperatures of - 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

These plants perform best in wet but well drained soil, and mix some organic matter to add a little love.


Pelargonium is a beautiful and fragrant flower, which is the standard of many gardens.

Many varieties are hardy enough to last through the winter. If you live in an area where the temperature is no less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, some flowers will bloom into autumn and winter. Depending on your planting area, these may be a good supplement to your basket.

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Happy Bee Pelargonium is hardy to - 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fruit of Chinese wolfberry

As we all know, the golden creeping Jenny is an excellent container plant. As its nickname implies, its long tendrils unfold and are beautifully hung on a basket or flowerpot. Because of their chaotic growth patterns, these plants may be more suitable for containers than garden beds.

Lysimachia is most suitable for the morning sun and wet soil, so put your creeping Jenny basket in a place where you can catch the morning light. This plant is great because it can survive in harsh temperatures - some as low as - 30 degrees Fahrenheit!

Why did you hang up?

No matter what your planting area is, there is some cold resistance (and some very cold resistance!) They look great in any basket and can survive the winter weather. Now you must decide what appearance you want!