Knowledge from Olle Garden Bed: Are Lizards Good For The Garden?

Yes, lizards are good for your garden. There are two main reasons why seeing them in your growth space is a good omen. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

First, lizards will eat unwanted pests around the garden, such as slugs, cockroaches, ants, beetles, snails and spiders.

Another reason is that they do not live in places with high levels of chemicals or metals. Therefore, if lizards roam your garden, your products are likely to have very low levels of these unwanted ingredients.

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Since you know the use of lizards in the garden, you may want to know how to attract more lizards to your growing place.

You should first find out the common lizard types in your area. There are more than 6000 kinds, so we must do your research.

This is important when trying to learn more about their wishes in the habitat.

Next, you should know what lizards like to eat, where they like to lay eggs, and whether they have any preference for the environment.

From there, we began to adapt to these likes and dislikes.

Of course, you should avoid using pesticides and herbicides. Lizards don't live in these places.

You should add mulch in the garden, because it will increase the humidity, which is what lizards like. When autumn comes, don't take leaves from the garden. This created a hiding place for lizards.

Also, be sure to provide hiding space in your garden all year round. This may include dense plants or ground cover plants.

Lizards are low in the food chain and have many predators, so the more safe space you provide them, the more likely they are to enter your growth space.

An area, such as a rock or stone, that provides a lizard with a sunbath. You should also provide water with a habitat so that lizards have a place to drink without falling into the water.

This may be the waterscape in your garden, or it may be a simple thing, such as a bowl with a stick in it, so that the lizard can sit on it while drinking.

The last two things you should do are use compost in your garden and plant lots of flowers. Both invite different insects to the garden, which is the food source of lizards.

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However, when trying to invite lizards to your garden, you should not do one thing. This is to transplant lizards from another place to your planting area.

Even if you transplant lizards and feed them to try to keep them around, it's not sustainable. In addition, if you transplant them and lizards don't have what they need, they won't stay.

Therefore, make every effort to create an attractive space for these creatures. If you do, they should stay in your garden and offer all the good things that come with it.

The next time you see a lizard in the garden, don't run up the mountain. Instead, take this as a compliment and allow these creatures to settle in your planting area.