Knowledge from Olle Garden Bed: Is Sugar Water Good for Your Plants?

Plants need four things to survive: sunlight, oxygen, nutrients and water. However, recent advances in agriculture have allowed other characteristics to be added to the mix, such as coffee grounds, various fertilizers, namely sugar. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

For decades, it has been a common practice for family gardeners to use sugar water on plants. In recent years, this kind of home gardening hacker has evolved into a ubiquitous myth on social media. As the theory goes, feeding sugar water to plants can promote plant growth by improving light cooperation.

Many family gardeners swear to the extraordinary properties of using sugar water in their gardens. At the same time, others warned of their catastrophic impact. In this article, we will break the old myth once and for all: Is sugar water really good for plants, or will it hurt them in the long run?

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How does sugar water affect plants?

At present, there are many different theories about the potential plant growth ability of sugar water; However, it is important to maintain an awareness of its specific use before attempting it in the garden.

In one study, the sugar water theory was tested by separating two groups of coriander seeds; One group watered with sugar solution within 7 days, while the other group only used tap water. By the end of the experiment, the germination of the former group was far less than that of the latter. This leads to the conclusion that sugar water hinders the growth of seeds.

Sugar water may be considered as an effective planting hacker in the horticulture industry, but there is no scientific evidence to support its so-called benefits. In fact, using this method may even cause your living plants to wither prematurely or grow slower than normal.

When is sugar water a good idea?

Although the use of sugar water on living plants may not be the best idea, in some cases the solution may be beneficial. Here are some examples where you can experience some of the benefits of sugar water.

Add to cut flowers

The best way to use sugar water on plants is to use it on cut flowers. Unlike living plants, the stems of cut flowers can absorb sugar to restore carbohydrates. Sugar sends the wrong signal to flowers that plants are alive and encourage them to bloom longer. However, this is only a temporary measure, and the flowers will naturally wither in the end.

To use sugar water on cut flowers, first cut the stem with a sharp knife. Then, remove any leaves and thorns to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae. Prepare the vase by filling it with water - most flowers perform well in warm temperatures, but spring flowers work better in cold water. Add a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of bleach to the vase water. To prevent rapid wilt, please add more sugar bleach solution after changing water every day.

Kill weeds

Although many people claim that sweeteners are beneficial to plant growth, sugar can actually be an effective way to kill weeds. Spreading sugar on the lawn can prevent weeds from growing by reducing nitrogen levels. In turn, the grass roots are forced to look for nitrogen in the soil, leading to starvation of weeds.

Without competition and more nitrogen in the soil, your lawn will become stronger and healthier. However, it is important never to put sugar on grass varieties that require high nitrogen content. This prevents these types of grass from getting enough nutrients to grow fully.

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For withered leaves

Although using sugar water on living plants will not make them grow faster or improve photosynthesis, spraying sugar water solution on the withered leaves can bring them back to life. Similar to the way sugar sends life signals in cut flowers, this mixture can also keep withered flowers alive.

Remember, you should never over saturate plants with sugar. The proper amount of sugar to use on plants is 1 teaspoon per quart of dehydrated sugar. In addition, avoid pouring sugar water directly into the soil where flowers or vegetables grow well. This may cause the plant roots to reject sugar and die prematurely.

Make your garden sweet

Sugar water may not be the best way for plants to grow, because it can bring you lush green lawn. Fortunately, there are more ways to make your garden sweeter this year, without the need for sugar. Vegetable food can be found in most garden centers and home decoration stores, which is a safe substitute for sugar water; Pick up one and follow the instructions to plant a vibrant and lasting garden.