Knowledge from Olle Garden Bed: The Way Potatoes Are Grown

Potatoes are a very good crop, in the past, many farmers through potatoes to feed a large family, therefore, everyone is very fond of planting potatoes, and potatoes are very easy to grow, easy to potatoes, can create more income for our farmers; So how are potatoes planted, planting methods and steps are what, the following to share the method of growing potatoes steps, I hope to be helpful to you. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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First, potato selection, cutting, promote the bud

The first step in planting potatoes is to select potato seeds. Good seeds can ensure the yield of potatoes. Therefore, before planting potatoes, we need to select seeds and pick out some poor quality ones. The high quality of the potato seed can be determined from its head and the thickness of the eyes. The big, round and full, thick eyes are basically high-quality potato seeds

After the potato seeds are selected, we need to cut the seeds into pieces, because there will be many eyes on a potato seed. If the whole potato seed is planted, there will be a lot of seedlings in a seed pit. If you want your plant to produce many potatoes, then you should take good care of the seeds. If the seedlings are too dense, the yield of potatoes will be reduced significantly.

When the potatoes are cut into pieces, there will be cut pieces, so we need to sprinkle grass ash on the potato cut (must be grass ash), let the grass ash adhere to the cut, speed up the potato wound healing; Finally put the potato in a place, preferably a slightly damp place, and the potatoes will sprout quickly.

Two, tilling and applying fertilizer to improve the land

During the potato sprout period, we took some time to turn over the plots for potato planting. Because the growth of potatoes has a particularly high requirement on the soil, which requires soft and breathable soil, when we tilled the soil, we needed to dig the soil slightly deeper, about 40 centimeters, and apply appropriate amount of farm manure according to the fertility of the soil (it must be well decomposed, Otherwise easy to grow insects and bacteria), and then stir evenly, and then ridge, increase the thickness of the soil planting layer.

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Three, separate holes to plant potatoes

When the potato cubes have sprouted, we can start planting them (or we can cut them into pieces); Before planting potatoes, dig a number of planting pits at a certain distance in the plot, the pit is about 20 cm deep, and then sprinkle a small half pit of farmhouse fertilizer + grass and wood ash into the pit, and then sprinkle a thin layer of soil, slightly cover the farmhouse fertilizer in the pit, and plant the potato block with the eyes facing upward, and finally cover with about 1.5 cm of soil. Wait until the potatoes are out of the ground.

Four, potatoes after the emergence of thin seedlings, topdressing

After the potato block is planted, the seedlings will emerge in about 5 days. We don't need to worry about it at this time, because the main source of nutrition for the potato seedlings at this time is potato block. Therefore, we don't need to rush to topdressing. When the potatoes grow to a height of more than 15 centimeters, there are many leaves, we need to start topdressing; At this time potatoes are mainly long seedlings, therefore, the main direction of our fertilization is nitrogen fertilizer, we can use our own fermentation of liquid fertilizer + chicken manure or potassium sulfate fertilizer, liquid fertilizer is mainly to supplement nitrogen nutrients.

Potatoes in the seedling to 10 cm to 15 cm, a nest of potato seedlings may grow a lot of roots, we need to timely thin seedlings, the same nest in the weak seedlings of the root cut off, leaving 1, 2 plants strong seedlings, not willing to give up, have to have.

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When potatoes start to grow tubers, we need to change the fertilization strategy, mainly using farm manure + grass ash (or chicken manure, potassium sulfate); Potatoes high yield, mainly rely on vegetation ash, therefore, it is suggested that when planting potatoes, try to find some vegetation ash to fertilize, potatoes will grow a nest of a nest.

The specific planting methods and steps of potatoes are about these four points. The most important thing is the selection of seeds, good varieties of potatoes, in order to grow high-yield potatoes, followed by fertilizer, base fertilizer must be sufficient, topdressing must be timely, to avoid potato lack of fertilizer.