Knowledge from Olle Garden Bed: Why Do You Need More Earthworms In Your Soil & How To Get Them

When you enter the query in the search bar with a flexible and curious finger: "Why attract earthworms", what will happen?Why do you have earthworms in your garden? Is earthworm good for soil? Is earthworm a purpose?For the last question, I have to ask honestly: "Seriously?! Of course, earthworms are purposeful. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Every creature and non-organisms have an important position in a larger environment-a good combination of "not good for us". It is best to ask: "What is the purpose of earthworms? Naturally, there is a better ring.

In fact, earthworms are important factor in making soil and soil.

They decompose organic matter and leave worm castings, which is a very valuable fertilizer.

Earthworms also increase the amount of air and water deeply penetrating the soil through tunnels and trails.

At the same time, earthworms take away the necessary organic objects from the top, and further mix below-all these will not flip the soil. Because the soil is kept complete, you can help Nature a huge busyness by protecting (instead of interference). If you have experienced the benefits of excavation gardening, the less the quality you use, the better the soil quality is, which is not surprising.

If you find rarely or even earthworms in the soil, you should start asking why.

Regarding earthworms, there may be a bigger question to ask, if they are not in my garden, where are they?

No earthworms are definitely more difficult than "too much". It's not that there can be too much soil. Although you may have to release some of the excessively active worms from time to time.

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If you don't find any worms in the garden soil, this may mean one of the following things:

There are almost no organic objects for them to eat

The ground is insufficient water, or the soil is too sandy

The soil has been plowed too many times

The soil pH value is too high or too low

Soil quality is generally poor

Even poisonous! (Petroleum leakage, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides may cause a reduction in population)

It may also be deeper than you think in the soil. Earthworms need to keep moist (but not humid) to eventually survive.

Sometimes predators lead to a decline in the number of earthworms.

If you do not find any banana skin on the surface of the upper soil, try to bury the organic banana skin in the underground six inches. Be sure to cover it with some coverage, let it stand for a few days, and then check whether it has earthworm activities.

 When there is doubt about the toxicity of the soil, please test soil testing to eliminate some of these earthworm critics. They will never represent the "dirty" soil, and your garden crops will not.

If you really want a bumper harvest, you will want to attract all the earthworms you can get!

Why attract earthworms to your garden?

Not everyone likes the appearance, feeling, or curved way of earthworms, but they are very important to the health of the soil, and will eventually affect your garden harvest. So, if you don't have a good opinion at them at the moment, maybe you can learn to love them in time. There is a long way to walk for their diligence and hard work.

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1. Earthworms improve the overall soil quality

Clean water is absolutely necessary for planting nutrition crops in the backyard garden, but have you ever thought about how valuable your soil is?

Knowing how long it takes for "building" soil should have allowed you to better appreciate it and help it to bloom.

Earthworms and countless fungi and bacteria in the soil work have created valuable matrix worthy of planting. When they move on the surface of the soil and near the soil, they eat plant fragments (grass chips, leaves, leaves, dry roots, feces, etc.), and earthworms will move all these substances through their digestive system.

You may have noticed that these worm castings are rich in nutrients on the lawn. In the end, this became fertilizer, and we talked later.

What you need to know now is that earthworms can improve the quality of garden soil. Soon you will find a way to cater to them. Every time you accidentally dig out them, you are excited.

No ... if you cut one earthworm into half, it will not become two earthworms. If all important organs are in place, only half of the head can survive. So be careful when digging your garden, or not dig it at all! Earthworms will love you.

2. Earthworms increase soil drainage

When earthworms dig and tunnels in the soil under your feet, no matter where they go, they will loosen and inflate the soil.

It has been noted that the drainage speed of soil containing a large amount of earthworms is 10 times faster than the lack of them. In the existence of earthworms, the penetration of water will increase.

Therefore, it is not surprising that these underground channels and channels can penetrate fertilizer and nutrients into the soil.

3.Earthworms fertilize for your soil for free!

Earthworm castings, also known as worm feces, are food of the soil.

They are materials that make healthy soil.

Put your coquettish tendency aside, become a fanatic gardener and self -cultivated farmers, put a pair of gloves, and prepare to apply some worm castings in your garden. Because they provide many benefits for your vegetables or plants in the flower bed. You can add worm castings to your container garden and directly to soil and fruit trees.

Unlike pigs, cattle, horses, rabbits, or chicken manure, worms do not need to mature before use. In fact, dry worm casting can be applied at any time.

Snib castings contain a variety of minerals: calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. This alone implies how they benefit your garden plants.

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What if you don't have enough worms ...

If you do not have enough worms in your garden, you can buy worms online at any time. Just make sure they are 100%casts.

Insect castings can also be diluted in water to make pure and organic extraordinary liquid fertilizers.

If you have been looking for a kind of all -natural and universal fertilizer, then the worm casting is victory!

How to attract more earthworms to your garden

Before you start to attract more earthworms to your garden, knowing whether you need to do this is useful. Make this "how" the decisive factor.

To understand how earthworms your soil is, you can test quickly.

Dig out a 12 "X12", about 6-8 "deep garden soil. Put it on a large plastic cloth or waterproof cloth, gently break it, see what is inside. 10 or more Earthworms are considered healthy samples.

Fewer than this, you may need to consider how to attract more earthworms to your garden

Worms are not critical creatures, although they are sensitive creatures. Just as we list some of their disappearances from the soil, there are some ways to attract them back:

Leave a lot of organic matter on the surface of the soil

Cover, cover and more coverage -this can keep the soil cool and humid (and stay away from direct sunlight), and provide food for worms

Add mature compost

Keep the soil wet soil by plants in use

Reduce or eliminate the farming of the garden

Make sure the soil pH value is maintained above 4.5

Stop using any chemicals with all chemicals-to organic!

Replace any contaminated soil to benefit earthworms and your soil

Don't think you can fool earthworms. Throwing a bunch of worms into the contaminated soil, I hope the best, this is not possible. They also need a clean home to live, eat and make worms.

Similarly, moisture is a problem. Too dry, they will suffocate and die. Too wet, they will drowns. It is not easy to become worms. Earthworms have no lungs, but they do breathe with mucus skin. They are also very interesting because they have 5 hearts or aortic bows.

Leaving aside the heart, earthworms also have soil preferences. As people can imagine, sandy soil is usually too abrasion. Clane may be too humid and dense.

If you do not have the perfect soil conditions to support worms in your garden ...

Don't worry, the earthworm fertilizer box can save this day. All you have to do is feed the worms in the garden to feed the worm to allow the worm to produce nutrients and compost, and then add it to your garden to improve the quality of the garden crops.

You can still work in a cyclical field with a worm box.

Any extra worms you produce, even if they are not ready to return to the garden soil, you can also feed your backyard chickens and feed fish as a bait to sell or sell them to other people who want to start their own worms.

Are you ready to start attracting more earthworms to your garden?