Knowledge from Olle Garden Bed: Why You Should Plant A Garden

If you are a long-term gardener, you may be added to the list of benefits I provide. However, if you are new to outdoor planting, these incentives may provide some information on why you should expand your gardening work. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

raised garden bed

Why should I plant a garden

The garden is aesthetically attractive. The benefits of the garden most obviously add beauty to your landscape. As you know, beauty is in the eyes of onlookers, so everyone feels different. Planting a garden allows you to practice self-expression. I hope your expression can curb the attraction in the landscape. This activity can promote emotions and help reduce stress. Gardening has also been shown to help lower blood pressure.

The garden is good for you. Where do we start this phrase? Gardens help us in countless ways, depending on how we look at them. Want to learn something new? Visit the garden. Working in the garden is good for our health. Hoes, rakes, stooping and kneeling provide some aerobic exercise that we don't always get from exercise. Studies have even shown that gardening can reduce the risk of dementia by 36%, which means it is also good for cognitive and mental health.

The garden has many styles. Gardens come in many shapes and sizes, as do the plants that grow in them. Include gardens of different styles in your yard. Flowers and plants with unusual or attractive leaves and exotic flowers add additional amazing elements. There are also many gardening styles to choose from. You can grow gardens according to specific areas, such as Mediterranean style or gardens with specific purposes, such as cutting gardens. Whatever type of garden you want to create is up to you.

Gardens can be planted anywhere. The most popular and frequently planted garden is our garden for food. With today's various fence and bedding options, several gardens in our yard are not rare. Some of us can grow vegetables in containers very well, especially when the space is very small. Perhaps, there is an elevated bed or other area that can get proper sunlight only before the trees fall in the spring. This may be our salad plantation, or even our carrot and radish beds.

Gardens offer healthier food choices. One continuous way to improve our health is to consume our harvest. This makes us and our families healthier, especially if our gardens grow organically. Avoiding fruits and vegetables bought in stores is always a positive step in the right direction. These can sometimes be mixed with pesticides and chemicals and sent to us in a decent way. We can also avoid the use of sprays to slow natural ripening.

raised garden bed

Gardens can help guests solve privacy and noise problems. This is not absolute, but rows and rows of shrubs and trees can be used for privacy. Rows of trees block the noise of busy streets or slow otherwise unstoppable winds. We saw the results and benefits of gardening when we planted windbreaks or shrub borders at home.

Gardens promote community development. When you volunteer with others in a public or community garden environment, fight loneliness by making new friends. Going out with like-minded people is a good reason to engage in public gardening. Get involved and see positive changes in your body and life.