Learn These Five Tips for Growing Vegetables in Your Raised Bed

With the warmer weather, many flower friends not only like to plant their own favorite flowers and plants in the raised bed, but also like to plant some fruits and vegetables, can see and eat, it can be said that the use of the balcony value played to the limit. Therefore, I suggest that you try growing some fresh vegetables on your balcony this summer. There are small methods to teach you how to plant vegetables so that vegetables grow fast, too much and healthy.

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First, choose the right variety

First of all, we must choose a few more substantial good varieties, balcony space is limited, after all, naturally can’t be compared with vegetable, various conditions can't grow what is kind of what, want to had better choose some good run, the growth speed is faster, relatively small plant varieties, such as lettuce, hot pepper, tomato, parsley, etc., is a kind of easy, easier to obtain a good harvest, Second, it will not take up too much space and is easier to manage.

Two, basin soil to be fertile

Balcony planting vegetables, soil is the key, only the soil is good, the root of vegetables can grow well, the root can grow healthy, healthy vegetables, just like "flowers first raise roots" is the same truth, raise roots naturally good soil. The soil for planting vegetables must be loose and fertile. You can directly buy suitable nutrient soil online, or you can mix it with leaf rot, plant ash, peat soil, etc. Before using it, you must be exposed to the sun for a period of time to kill the eggs and bacteria in the soil. In addition, it is best to use large POTS to provide enough room for vegetables to grow.

Three, the light should be sufficient

It is said that all things grow by the sun, vegetables must be more in the sun, in order to grow fast, grow prosperous, so we must let the sun at ordinary times, in order to promote its growth, the position can’t be too hidden. Rain can be appropriate drenching rain, rain contains rich nitrogen elements, can provide certain nutrients for the growth of plants, promote the growth of its branches and leaves, so appropriate drenching is very beneficial to the growth of vegetables.

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Four, reasonable fertilization

Planted vegetables knows that in the home, need to consume a lot of nutrients in vegetables in the growth of the late, we need to continue to give its add fertilizer, improve enough nutrients, so they can grow faster and more, we can give more vegetables generally some rotten fully fermented chicken manure, sheep dung or homemade organic fertilizer, etc., follow the principle of thin fat frequently applied fertilizer, avoid is concentrated fertilizer, fertilizer, Fertilizing the second day in the morning can be poured through a clear water, to dilute fertility, avoid fertilizer damage, growth boom, generally a month to apply 2~3 times thin organic fertilizer water.

Five, watering should be appropriate

Vegetables at the different stages of the growth and development is inseparable from the water, and the need for water is different, different vegetables in general, such as Chinese cabbage, green leafy vegetables are prefer to have certain moisture growth environment, the demand for water is relatively more, so we can according to its growth condition and the change of the weather, as appropriate, see dry wet water, Keep the basin soil wet can be, not long-term basin water; Vegetables like chives need less water than cabbage, lettuce and so on. Watering should not be too frequent to keep the basin soil moist. Rainy days less watering, rainy days appropriate shower rain is also very good.