Metal vs Wood Raised Garden Beds: Which Is Better?

When we have our own yard, more people will choose to grow safe, cheap, reliable and healthy plants.

The process of planting can not only beautify our environment, but also share the joy of growing with plants every day.

Therefore, before planting, we need to choose a good raised garden bed.

How should we choose the most suitable raised garden bed?

Here are some of the pros and cons of the metal raised garden bed and wooden garden bed options to help you decide.

Ø Advantages of using wood to build a raised bed garden

1. Wood is popular. If treated wood is used, it is inexpensive and can also be used to make a variety of designs. You can even add walls and make them taller depending on the height of the garden bed you wish to raise.

2. Wooden garden beds are readily available. Wood can be purchased almost anywhere, so having some for your garden bed shouldn't be a big deal. You just need to use the correct size wood and combine them. You just need to fill it with the right soil mix and you're ready to plant.

Ø Disadvantages of using wooden raised garden beds.

1. It won't last forever.

This is the main disadvantage that can come with using wood. Since it decays over time, you must replace it once it's fully decayed. The minimum time you can use wood is about 5 to 8 years before it starts to rot. If your bed uses untreated wood, it may be less than 5 years old.

2. Certain types of wood are expensive

Preservative wood such as cedar can be expensive, depending on your location. It may or may not be cheap, depending on whether cedar is available in your area. Expect to get expensive if cedar is imported into your place.

You may accidentally get treated wood

If you don't know the difference between certain types of wood, you may end up using pressure-treated wood to make a raised garden bed. Treated wood is not recommended, especially if you plan to grow vegetables, as chemicals such as arsenic may leach into the soil.

3. Assembly is not so easy, it may require professionals and tools to complete.

Ø Advantages of Using Metal Raised Garden Beds

A popular metal raised garden bed material now, it can be galvanized metal, aluminum zinc steel, aluminum magnesium zinc steel, or any other type you like to use. In addition, according to the product life and corrosion resistance, the most suitable one should also be selected:

1. Metal raised garden beds look more stylish and make the garden look neater and higher end

Metal raised garden beds are colorful and composed of corrugated boards that look very unique and stylish. More popular than wooden raised garden beds using simple planks.

2. Very easy to assemble

You can assemble a metal raised garden bed with a few screws, no professionals or tools required, even women and children can do it. In most cases, you just need to adjust to the shape you want. Then use the tool to tighten the screws according to the instructions. It can be assembled in about half an hour.

3. More corrosion-resistant, more beautiful surface

If you get a galvanized steel raised garden bed, it will last longer because it does not rot easily even when exposed to water. The zinc coating prevents the metal from reacting.

If you use a zinc alloy raised garden bed, it will have longer corrosion resistance, and they are still safe as there is no health risk even if it gets soaked in the soil.

The most important thing is that we use the highest-end material Al-Mg-Zn steel, which has top corrosion resistance, so we can guarantee the product life of up to 30 years.

Disadvantages of Using Metal Raised Garden Beds

1. New but not as popular as wooden raised garden beds, so metal raised garden beds may not be readily available in some stores, but are available in many online stores.

2. The painting may fall off, and will it pollute the soil after many years, but the painting of our metal raised garden bed uses a special garden Acto coating, which is environmentally friendly and harmless, even if it falls off in the soil, it will not affect even if the paint falls off It doesn't affect organic vegetables at all.

Overall, the garden beds produced by our company completely avoid the above disadvantages. The surface of the material is painted with the best Acto paint in the world, and we are using new materials that meet international standards - galvanized aluminum and magnesium. It is more stable in high temperature, heatstroke prevention and environmental protection. Can give your plants a beautiful home.