Modular raised garden beds give city roads a new look

A few days ago, the greening company cooperating with our factory successfully won the bid for the urban road modular elevated garden bed guardrail project. We are delighted to see modular raised garden beds adorning city roads.

The white guardrail and the elegant and beautiful 32-inch modular raised garden bed guardrail join the urban road to form a beautiful landscape! More than 110 modular raised garden bed guardrails have been set up in this project, and more than 370 meters of white guardrails have been added to "enhance" the surrounding environment and create an orderly urban style.

Road modular elevated garden bed guardrails have replaced single rail guardrails and are widely used in cities. There are generally many road isolation belts, such as the isolation of sidewalks and motor vehicle lanes, and the isolation of central motor vehicle lanes. A modular raised garden bed guard is a combination of a railing guard and a modular raised garden bed. It is an upgraded version of the traditional guardrail. Not only does it isolate greenbelts and roads, but it also landscaping by growing plants in modular raised garden beds.

With road modular raised garden bed guardrails, the new modular raised garden beds are neatly arranged and swaying in clusters of colorful flowers, adding extra beauty to the city.

The road modular raised garden bed guardrail is not only decorative and aesthetic in daily life, but also acts as an escort. In the modern city of reinforced concrete, the road flower box guardrail not only has the isolation and protection functions of the traditional guardrail, but also paints a beautiful picture for the urban road through the implantation of cultural, environmental protection and other elements.

Many cities across the country are beginning to decorate city roads with raised garden beds. Wooden raised garden beds used in the past have a short lifespan, require regular maintenance, are prone to borers and age, and are gradually being replaced by better quality, corrosion-resistant and easy-to-assemble modular raised garden beds.

As an ideal product for beautifying urban roads, the modular raised garden bed has many advantages such as no deformation, no discoloration, no cracking, no corrosion, environmental protection and durability, and maintenance-free, so you can use it without worries. Modular raised garden beds are suitable for planting trees, seasonal flowers and artificial flowers.

In short, the designers of this city have the courage to break through the traditional design of expressways, and set a good example for many cities. I believe that in the near future, many cities will adopt the form of raised garden green space for beds. Things will drain. Look forward to the day you can see every urban green space above covered with raised garden beds.

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