Non Toxic Gardening Starts from The Garden Beds

All gardeners know that the soil they grow will affect the quality of their products. Gardens without nutrients in the soil will not grow good vegetables, and these vegetables will not have nutrients to pass on to the people who eat them. Similarly, good soil starts with the bed where the soil is located. If the garden bed is made of materials that immerse harmful substances in the soil, these harmful substances will enter the food.

raised garden bed

Non-toxic convex get up

Getting out of bed is what many gardeners want. Compared with flower pots, plants perform better on the raised bed because the raised garden bed has no bottom. This allows the plant to develop deeper roots. But not all convex wakes are the same. If you are worried about planting organic food, please do not be deceived into building toxic bulges.

Wooden bump is OK to get up. They are the common choice of gardeners. But for really non-toxic bulge, please avoid using any treated wood, such as railway sleepers and poles. The creosote used to treat them may seep into the soil. Some gardeners want to build cheap bulges by stacking old tires or filling them with soil. Don't do like that! Tyres contain toxic chemicals that will gradually erode and decompose, leaching these chemicals into the soil. If you want the frame to be durable and non polluting to the soil, please choose galvanized steel garden bed. And zinc contained in galvanized steel is one of the indispensable components of soil.

The organic bulge garden starts with non-toxic organic soil. For truly organic and healthy, clean agricultural products, buy organic plants and fill your bed with organic soil. Filling a deep raised garden bed with commercial soil can be expensive, but there are other options besides buying equally effective soil.

raised garden beds

Simple non-toxic convex get up

If you plan to plant root vegetables, experts recommend that your raised garden be at least 12 to 18 inches deep. Depth can not only create better root zone for many plants, but also avoid bending over in gardening. Another advantage is that if the soil under the bed is contaminated, you can still enjoy non-toxic gardening, because the roots of plants will not be in the contaminated soil.

Durable olle provides simple convex rise It provides you with deep and non-toxic raised beds, galvanized steel raised garden beds, and durable green beds that are completely non-toxic and can be used continuously for 25+years, and will not rot, crack, peel, rust or crack. They come in a variety of ready to use sizes that are perfect for your garden