olle metal modular raised garden beds are very stylish, colorful and modular

In late 2021, Wang and his wife Lily purchased some olle raised garden beds. Lily said she wanted to order more, but they didn't have enough space in their garden, surrounded by tall trees in the dense mountains.

Lily found olle Raised GreenBeds while searching online. They were looking for modular raised garden bed kits that were both durable and aesthetically pleasing, Wang said. "We've been looking at some other options that we've seen," he said. "Some are made of wood or sheet metal. But she found these, and they all come in a sized kit with less hassle. I'm all for it!"

Replace old wood with something durable

Lily is an avid gardener and uses a wooden raised garden bed installed by the previous owner of their home. But, Wang said, they "completely fell apart, and it was time to do something." Not only that, but they were very low to the ground, which made it difficult for it to bend far enough to reach the center of the garden bed. Since they envisioned their new home as a "forever home," they also wanted a "modular raised garden bed that will last forever," which also looked good. "I don't want to replace a wooden modular raised garden bed every few years," says Wang.

So far, the couple has grown tomatoes, onions, peas, strawberries and potatoes. Since this is their first growing season with modular raised garden beds, and Lily is traditionally more of a flower gardener, they love to experiment and see how it turns out.

The couple dug a bit and placed their garden bed on a level spot so they had some soil to start filling their new 17-foot-deep modular raised garden bed. Able to fill the modular raised garden bed halfway, they then filled it with purchased soil, a compost mix obtained from a local garden store, and worm castings donated by friends.

Deeper beds are good for deep-rooted vegetables like tomatoes and beans, but tall garden beds are more to Guy's liking because he doesn't have to bend as much. "It's hard to bend over to get to the center of a bed that's only five or six inches high," he said. "These are much better."

Easy installation

According to Wang, it was easy to install their new olle modular raised garden bed. "It fits very well," he said. "I don't need to do anything other than assemble it."

"I like the way it looks now, and if it's not done, that's another thing I don't have to worry about having to replace," Wang said. "I don't have to worry about the durability of its appearance."

Once a modular raised garden bed is complete, gardening becomes easy. "They're great," Wang said, "and we're happy with them. You know, it seems to last as long as we're at home, and probably decades after that. We're very happy. And, every look at Anyone who comes to it will say, "Wow! "So that's really cool."

We think that's cool too, Wang and Lily!