We can all relate to these little fellas ruining our beautiful leafy vegetables.  For those creepy crawlers like worms and caterpillars, start with a simple barriers like copper rings or cloths.  But let’s face it, those are the easy ones!  I was one upset home gardener when that neat little mouse ate and destroyed my banana pepper!  Didn’t like my bell peppers, just took out the banana pepper in the box!  Oh but don’t forget the neighborhood raccoons that destroyed my squash plants, twice! L I don’t believe in poison unfortunately, but I do find that the thicker plastic netting works (chicken wire type) work so much better against the larger pests, and still allows all the useful pollinators to get in there and do what they need to do.  Watering takes a bit of maneuvering, but what good is watering if your garden is being consumed by the neighborhood critters right?  I am trying some natural stuff as well, when I find out the outcome I’ll come back and post!  Happy gardening!