Planting AfterThe Last Frost

After the last frost, it's safe to start planting in your garden. Mid-May is usually a good time to get your hands in the soil without worrying about any harm. However, for warm-weather crops like tomatoes, pumpkins, and basil, it's best to wait until the soil and nighttime temperatures have warmed up, which typically happens several weeks after the last frost.

Plants to Plant After the Last Frost

Tomatoes: A summer staple that thrives after the last frost, tomatoes are a popular choice for many gardeners.

Peppers: Versatile and easy to grow, peppers are a great addition to any garden.

Beans: These plants are easy to grow and prefer full sun and well-draining soil, making them a great choice for beginners.

Plants to Plant 2–4 Weeks Before the Last Frost

Some plants that can be planted a couple of weeks before the last frost include root vegetable seeds, onion sets, leeks, lettuce seeds, and kale seeds. These plants are hardy enough to withstand the cooler temperatures and will thrive once the weather warms up.