Salad Crops

Who doesn't enjoy a good salad? 

As light levels fall and temperatures cool, gardeners turn to crops that can grow quickly enough to give a harvest before winter. Salads is one of many, with the fastest ready in just weeks.

Delicious salads will give the best results and, if given some protection from the cold, in many areas have the potential to carry on producing leaves throughout winter and into spring.

Asian greens are perfect for late summer sowing because they respond  to shortening day length by putting on lots of leafy growth. Spicy mustards, creamy tatsoi and the unmistakable mizuna can all be sown in late summer with the first leaves ready to enjoy just one month later. Other leaves to try include arugula, winter varieties of lettuce, American or land cress, kales for salad and the ever-prolific mâche, also known as lamb’s lettuce or corn salad.

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