Start Planting In Garden Bed Or Garden Before Spring

If you are eager to plant before the weather warms, planting a garden from seeds is a simple, inexpensive and leading way. Starting planting seeds is not just a money saving activity. Even the youngest child will be proud and surprised to see a dormant seed he planted miraculously become a living creature. It is no exception for adults. Use these guidelines from Olle Garden Beds to find the best ways for your needs.

raised garden bed

Start your seed

A great winter activity is to start your perennial seeds - outdoors. Nothing is easier than this project. Take a plastic flat and fill it with a small flowerpot that may be three to four inches in diameter - the garden center and the home store will provide what you need. Fill the pot with damp potting soil and plant the seeds.

A good rule of thumb is to plant seeds with the same depth and width, and use more small seeds per pot to reduce large seeds.

Grow up indoors

Do you want to start sowing indoors? You can have a well-designed or simple system as needed, but start with the following basic elements:

Sterile seed starting soil

Seed startup tray or container (can be anything with drain pipe, or even egg carton with holes at the bottom)

Artificial or natural light

Bottom heating

For the most basic setup, fill the container with soil and place it on a tray, plant seeds, water gently, and then place the whole thing on the refrigerator - yes, the refrigerator. The heat generated by the equipment will promote germination. When the plants grow, you can move them to the sunny window.

Make sure you rotate the plants every day so they don't "stretch" or stretch to try to get close to their light source. If you use growth lights, always place them about an inch above the top of the seedlings - the larger they are, the higher they may be.

raised garden beds

Keep seeds healthy

When seeding indoors, it is important to use a sterile seedling mixture because young seedlings are more susceptible to "moisture", a fungal disease that weakens stems at soil contact points. The sterile sowing mixture can also prevent annoying pests such as fungi and black flies.

In order to cultivate stronger plants and prevent diseases, air circulation is encouraged. For most of the day, aim the fan at the seedlings and change its position frequently. This is particularly effective for producing beautiful, sturdy tomato and pepper specimens. When watering, be sure to use very mild spray until the plants are strong enough to withstand stronger flow.

Skill comes from practice

If your first attempt at seed priming did not go according to plan, don't worry - start over. Planting plants from seeds is not difficult, but like anything else, it does require some trial and error to become an expert. Keep going, and soon you will be rewarded with healthy young plants, which are ready to occupy a place in your garden.