The 16 Best Compost Bins for Indoor and Outdoor Use, According to Reviews

Composting is extremely beneficial for gardeners because it results in the perfect mixture of organic materials for growing healthy plants. It's also an easy way to reduce the amount of food waste piling up in landfills—more than 30% of what we throw away could be composted, according to the Environment Protection Agency. Simply put: Composting is a win-win for plants and the planet. 

The key to at-home composting is investing in the right type of compost bin to fit your needs. Check out our list of the nine best compost bins that are available at The Home Depot and Amazon. Need more information? Keep scrolling to learn about the different types of compost bins and how to use them.

How to Choose a Compost Bin

When choosing a compost bin, consider its location, capacity, material, price, and purpose. Most store-bought compost bins are made of plastic, metal, or wood and cost between $20 and $400. With options available for indoor and outdoor use, there's a compost bin for every type of home and lifestyle. Countertop processors, enclosed bins, and compact tumblers work well for indoor use, while large tumblers and wooden bins are great for outdoor areas. Odorless worm composting bins, like this one, can be placed inside and outside your home.

If you have limited outdoor space, consider an indoor compost bin for your kitchen countertop. This budget-friendly option is great for beginners, while serious food recyclers will love the quick processing time of this high-end compost machine by Vitamix. Those with large gardens should think about adding a dual-chamber composting tumbler, like this one with over 6,000 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers.

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Classic Compost bin

Best Overall: Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

An affordable indoor option, this stainless steel kitchen compost bin controls odors and even looks nice on countertops. It holds about one gallon of organic food waste, which makes it an excellent choice for those wanting to donate scraps to a community compost pile or add material to a larger compost bin in their backyard. The small indoor bin includes an activated charcoal filter to prevent odors from seeping out. Each filter lasts about six months and should be cleaned with soap and water when scraps are emptied. 

This indoor compost bin has a 4.8-star rating from over 11,000 shoppers, with reviewers saying they have "zero complaints" and would "definitely buy it again." Many customers say how good it feels to recycle food waste, and one shopper claims, "we use this product and our recycling bins, and now my husband and I have barely half a bag of trash every week."

Buy It: Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin ($22, Amazon)

compost bins

Best Kitchen Compost Bin: Bamboozle Food Compost Bin

Put your organic waste to good use by adding this Bamboozle compost bin to your kitchen. Made from bamboo fiber, it's built to withstand moisture from waste and trips through the dishwasher. This kitchen compost bin comes with an odor-reducing charcoal filter that lasts for about two months. Tip: You can add six replacement filters to your Amazon order for just $10. If you don't want it on your countertop, you can place it in your freezer to free up your cooking space.

Many customers are equally pleased with its functionality and style, emphasizing its useful size and neutral color options (black and beige). "I love this thing! It's the perfect size," one shopper says. "Any smaller and I'd be dumping it all the time, any bigger and it would have stuff sitting around too long."

"The shape fits right in the corner on my counter top and the charcoal filter works perfectly to prevent any odors, even onions," another customer writes. "I love that it is made from eco-friendly bamboo, cleans easily, and the soft beige color blends in with my kitchen."

Buy It: Bamboozle Food Compost Bin, $40 (originally $50), Amazon

Classic Compost bin

Best Tumbler Compost Bin: FCMP IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

Designed for outdoor use, this tumbling composter has two chambers that together hold up to 37 gallons of organic waste for a continuous rotation of compost. Its spinning design makes mixing a breeze. Every couple of days, simply shut the door and then turn the tumbler a handful of times to mix the materials inside. The manufacturer claims compost can be ready to use in about two weeks with the right weather conditions and care, and some customers say it can be finished even sooner. 

"The compost [is] almost completed in one week," one reviewer writes. "I live in Texas, and it was over 100 [degrees] this week. The smell is like earth or wet potting soil if you stick to the rules of composting." Thousands of five-star-awarding shoppers also note its durable construction, easy assembly, and simple operation. 

Buy It: FCMP IM400 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter, $80 (originally $100), Amazon

Chef'n 401-420-120 EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Best Indoor Compost Bin: Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

Compost bins aren't always the most attractive, but you don't have to sacrifice your kitchen's aesthetic to use this contemporary countertop one. Featuring a tapered white bucket and a faux plant sprout on the lid, the sleek compost bin doubles as table decor. As for its functionality, customers say it "keeps the odors in order" thanks to its charcoal filter and "holds enough for two to four vegetarian cooking sessions." The indoor compost bin has an inner bucket that can easily be removed to throw scraps away in an outdoor bin, plus it's dishwasher safe. 

"I wanted a scrap bin in my kitchen for convenience, but didn't want it to look like I had a bucket of garbage sitting on the counter. This disguises its purpose brilliantly," one reviewer writes. "The liner is a great addition, making it so much easier to transfer the 'goods' to an outdoor compost bin." 

Buy It: Chef'n EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin ($34, Amazon)

Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

Best Outdoor Compost Bin: Algreen Classic Compost Bin

Made with 100% recycled materials, this plastic compost bin has superior insulation to produce compost quickly. It has a locking lid to keep pests out and small slots to create airflow for faster material breakdown. When the compost is finished, you can easily remove it by opening the sliding doors at the bottom. Note: This outdoor compost bin is best for evenly surfaced gardens and backyards due to its open-bottom design. 

"I bought one of these [compost bins] and used it until it fell apart (20 plus years)," one shopper says. "[It's] sturdy, easy to put together, and provides convenient access to the finished product."

"We are experienced composters, and this seems the best of the ones we have bought in the past 15 years," another reviewer writes.  

Buy It: Algreen Classic Compost Bin, $82 (originally $100), Amazon

compost bins

Best Compost Bucket: Exaco Kitchen Compost Pail

This 2.4-gallon compost bucket stores nicely under kitchen sinks. Featuring a sturdy plastic pail and handle, the Exaco kitchen compost bin makes it easy to transport full loads of food waste to outdoor compost bins. As a bonus, you can mount this compost bin on your wall or inside a cabinet using included hardware. It's dishwasher safe, has a secure lid, and comes with one carbon filter. Several shoppers suggest using three-gallon compostable bags or these convenient 2.6-gallon ones sold on Amazon. 

"We originally purchased this composting bucket back in 2002 from a small company called Exaco here in Austin, TX," one customer says. "We keep the bucket in the cabinet under our kitchen sink and when full, take it outside to empty the contents into our large composting bin in the back corner of our yard. This summer, after 13 YEARS of use, the handle broke and we needed to buy a new one... I would say we definitely made a good $25 investment!"

Buy It: Exaco Kitchen Compost Pail, $20 (originally $25), Amazon

compost bins

Best Small Compost Bin: iTouchless Compost Bin

Small compost bins are a great option for beginner composters, those who have limited indoor space, and people with smaller-scale gardens. iTouchless is known for its wide selection of trash cans, but it also makes this small-but-mighty 1.6-gallon compost bin with all the bells and whistles. It's constructed of extra-strong titanium stainless steel and sealed with a protective coating, which doesn't leave fingerprints from messy hands. Thanks to its AbsorbX filter, you won't have to worry about attracting fruit flies

One customer says, "Very practical shape to set right behind the sink on the counter top," while another writes, "Simple, easy to clean, lid "seals" shut so no icky fruit flies.. definite winner!"

Buy It: iTouchless Compost Bin ($32, Amazon)

compost bins

Best Backyard Composter: VivoSun Tumbling Composter

Compared to the tumbling composter above, this dual rotating compost bin offers a little more room with a 43-gallon capacity. Its two-chamber design allows you to continuously add waste to one side, while the other chamber creates rich fertilizer. But the real beauty of this backyard composter is how easy it is to turn the compost pile: Just close the sliding doors and then give it a spin at least once a week. Made from galvanized steel and polypropylene plastic, the tumbler is built to last in high temperatures and all kinds of weather. Plus, compost is ready to use in weeks thanks to its superior air circulation. 

"Love this compost tumbler! Working towards living a more sustainable lifestyle and this product has been awesome," one customer writes. "Very easy to use, doesn't take up a ton of space. Took about a million screws to put together but not difficult. Just time consuming."

"It took one hour exactly to assemble. I am very happy with how it came together," one reviewer says. "Happy gardening, I'm glad I finally quit putting off this purchase."

Buy It: VivoSun Tumbling Composter, $87 (originally $96), Amazon

Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50, 2L Capacity, Grey

Best Compost Machine: Vitamix Foodcycler

This sleek indoor compost machine can process many types of food waste, including bones and dairy products, which many other bins can't handle. The machine includes a compact food recycler and a small grinding bucket with a carbon filter lid. Even though it's on the pricier side, this kitchen compost bin is well worth the price thanks to how easy it is to use. Plus, it even will look great on your countertop or in your pantry.

How does it work? Fill the grinding bucket with kitchen scraps like fruit peels and coffee grounds, insert the bucket into the compact unit, and press the power button to begin the breakdown process. After about four to eight hours, the mixture is ready to add to a larger outdoor compost bin. Don't have access to an outdoor bin? It's still a great way to significantly reduce the amount of food waste you throw away. 

Buy It: Vitamix Foodcycler ($400, Amazon)

compost bins

Best Plastic Composter: Joseph Joesph Compost Bin

Avoid kitchen clutter with this 1-gallon compost bin. Constructed of plastic with a stainless steel handle, it's lightweight yet sturdy enough to carry to and from your outdoor compost bin. The flip-top lid has a filter and ventilated design that reduces moisture and traps odors. The best part? It comes with a mounting bracket and screws to install it inside a cabinet. Tip: You can buy a 50-pack of one-gallon compost bin liners by Joseph Joesph for $14. 

Featuring over 5,800 five-star reviews, this plastic composter is a fan favorite among Amazon shoppers. "I never knew how awful my metal compost bin was until I got this beauty," one shopper writes. "Easy to open with one hand, the bag stays in place, and it's lightweight. Everything that's wrong with the traditional countertop compost bin, this bin solves. Life changing." 

Buy It: Joseph Joesph Compost Bin, ($20, Amazon)

Classic Compost bin

Best Single Chamber: Miracle-Gro Small Composter

This single-chamber compost bin by Miracle-Gro is great for small balconies and patios thanks to its compact size: The bin stands just 29.5 inches tall and 17 inches wide. It supports 18.5 gallons of organic waste, turning it into rich fertilizer in just 4-6 weeks. Mixing bars and a rotating design allow you to stir the mixture with minimal effort. Bonus: The compost tumbler comes with latex-free gardening gloves to help you tackle a variety of outdoor projects. 

"I use it every day, and it's so much easier to turn the compost than shoveling it over in a pile," one reviewer says. "Mine is sitting in a spot where it gets sun most of the day as heat is required to break down the materials. It works just great, and stands up great to the sun. I love it and have recommended it to my gardening friends."

Buy It: Miracle-Gro Small Composter, $63 (originally $69, Amazon)

compost bins

Best Yard Waste Bin: D.F. Omer Garden Composter Bin

This yard waste bin by D.F. Omer holds 110 gallons of compost materials. Featuring a tower design with a large opening, it's the best compost bin for big loads of organic waste. How does it work? Add your food and yard scraps to the top of the tower and then access your finished compost from the bottom sliding door after a few weeks. Made from recycled plastic, the outdoor compost bin is the ultimate eco-friendly purchase. 

Several customers say it's easy to assemble, super roomy, and extremely sturdy. "My wife and I are vegetarians and we live in a very wooded area - i.e., lots of leaves - and so we have a significant amount of kitchen and yard compost every day," one shopper writes. "This composting bin from D.F. Omer is perfect. It arrived promptly, was easy to assemble, and is large enough for us to develop a good batch of compost."

Buy It: D.F. Omer Garden Composter Bin, ($77, Amazon)

Classic Compost bin

Best Worm Composter: Nature's Footprint Worm Factory 360

Designed to fit any lifestyle, this worm compost bin can be used indoors or outdoors for year-round functionality. Worm composting is actually one of the quickest and easiest ways to break down waste. Worms can convert kitchen scraps into ready-to-use compost in about two weeks, and keep the process going during winter if kept in a frost free location. The worms (sold separately) thrive in temperatures between 40 and 80˚F, so it's a good idea to bring the bin inside on extremely hot or cold days. Hesitant about having worms in your home? Don't worry, the Worm Factory 360 has a thermosiphon airflow system that makes it an odorless operation. 

"Not having raised worms before, this unit made it very easy," one shopper writes. "The setup was simple. I particularly like that it's elevated a bit and has an easy to reach spigot."

Buy It: Nature's Footprint Worm Factory 360 ($132, Amazon)

Classic Compost bin

Best Countertop: OXO Good Grips Compost Bin

This easy-to-use indoor compost bin is a no-brainer for those looking for a place to toss food waste before taking it to outdoor compost bins. It has a removable soft-seal lid for easy access and odor-free operation, plus a rotating handle for transportation. What's more, the bin's smooth interior walls prevent buildup, making it simple to clean. With a 0.75-gallon capacity, it's a great choice for an under-the-sink cabinet or countertop storage. 

"Works as intended—an odor-free food scrap keeper for the countertop," one shopper writes. "The handle is super convenient and well designed; it's super easy to carry outside and chuck into the compost bin."

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, ($20, Amazon)

Jora Composter Tumbler

Best Large Capacity: Jora Composter Tumbler

Made of metal with a powder coating, this 70-gallon tumbler compost bin is built to last. It has a sturdy galvanized steel frame that won't rust and latched doors to keep pests out. The large opening and internal mixing bar makes the bin easy to turn, load, and unload, despite its large size. Thanks to its forest green finish, the outdoor compost bin is not only functional, but also adds a stylish touch to your backyard landscape. 

"It makes composting so simple and it sanitizes the process making it possible for an urban or suburban person to do composting without having large smelly unsightly piles lying around in close proximity," one customer says. "Due to the highly insulated interior, temperatures get really high and the compost comes out more quickly and more completely finished. It also looks really good in the garden which was part of what we were going for."

Buy It: Jora Composter Tumbler, ($489, Amazon)

Classic Compost bin

Best Wooden: Greenes Fence Cedar Wood Composter

Want a stylish outdoor option? Look no further than this cedar compost bin. It features an open-top design that provides superior airflow and makes it easy to mix materials or toss in large batches of waste. Because this wooden compost bin has a large 174-gallon capacity, it takes three to 12 months to produce finished compost, depending on your climate. You may want to order more than one bin to stagger compost production. This compost bin kit includes posts, boards, and spacers—all you need is a rubber mallet for assembly. Customers agree it's easy to build, looks beautiful, and is overall a high-quality product. 

Buy It: Greenes Fence Cedar Wood Composter ($110, The Home Depot)

What Can You Compost?

Composting requires nitrogen, carbon, and moisture: In other words, food waste, yard scraps, and water. The waste that provides nitrogen is referred to as "green" materials and the waste that provides carbon is labeled as "brown" materials. For green materials, add wet items like food scraps, grass clippings, and even used coffee grounds. Dry ingredients like fallen leaves, shredded newspaper, and straw are examples of brown materials.