The Difference Between Container Garden and Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are different from container gardening. If you are not familiar with gardening, you may be confused between raised garden beds and container gardening. Although you can plant your garden directly underground, your soil may be too sandy or heavy. In this case, you need to consider using raised garden beds or containers for your garden plants.

What is the difference between a raised garden bed and a container garden? Raised garden beds are placed directly on the ground, raising the soil level by up to two feet, and container gardening uses movable closed planters. A raised garden bed is usually larger than a container, although some flower pots contain as much soil as a raised garden bed.

However, there are other factors to be considered in the selection between the raised garden bed and container gardening. You need to evaluate these factors and the benefits of each, depending on the type of plant you want to grow.

raised garden beds

Raised garden bed and container gardening

Although most gardeners use improved soil on their raised garden beds, the key difference between them and pot containers is that they have no bottom. Some raised garden beds are stacked with soil and have no side corrections. They are placed directly on the ground without obstacles. This provides several advantages:

Better drainage to prevent root rot

Reduce the risk of mycosis

Allow beneficial microorganisms to enter

Earthworms are welcome to inflate the soil

Container gardening means growing flowers or vegetables in suitable pots using potted soil or compost mixtures. Completely enclosed roots and soil can better protect plants:

Reduce the risk of bacterial disease

Prevents pest infestation

Able to relocate during winter freezing

It can help plants get rid of the hot sun

Decide between raised garden beds and container gardening

If you are not sure which is the best for you, please first consider how you have a lot of space. Raised garden beds take up more space, the smallest being about 4x4 feet.

Through container gardening, you can plant plants anywhere, as long as you have the right pot. If your outdoor space is limited to a small yard or terrace space, container gardening allows you to make the most of it.

A key factor to consider is what you plan to plant. While some plants perform well in containers, others may require more space. Specifically, plants with deep roots may not thrive in containers.

When making decisions, the size of the plant will also play a role between the raised garden bed and container gardening. Even though the roots are shallow, some plants have many top growth, so they need support.

Most gardeners find heavy plants with supports in containers and become top heavy. Therefore, they often fall down and are damaged by strong wind or blown down under the following conditions.

On the raised garden bed, you have enough space to use additional pledge when necessary to obtain support.

However, if you choose to plant large plants in flowerpots, you will need a five gallon container for everyone.

Decide whether to use a raised garden bed or a garden container. For your garden, you need to know how much space they need. The requirement of plant spacing is also an important factor in determining the use of container gardening and raised garden beds.

raised garden beds

The best raised garden bed for gardening

Although some gardeners use old-fashioned double dig raised beds without sides, most people prefer raised garden beds with wood or metal sides.

You can build them yourself, but you need some tools, including a chainsaw and a drill. Fortunately, you can purchase a raised garden bed kit that you can assemble without any extensive construction skills.

Galvanized raised garden bed, this old-fashioned galvanized metal kit provides uncompromising durability. It also provides a rustic and charming backyard landscape for anyone. With different sizes and shapes, you will have enough space for vegetables and herbs.

Now that you know the difference between a raised garden bed and container gardening, it's time to plan your garden and order seeds. Once you decide what to plant, you will know whether to use a raised garden bed, a container, or both.