Three Reasons Why Raised Garden Bed Is More Suitable For Gardening

Is a raised garden bed even necessary?

Cause # 1 grows in a raised garden bed

Convex rise to maximize productivity.

If I garden in the field, 90 square feet will not actually let me grow too much, but because I grow on the convex, I can plant and harvest more in such a small space than I thought.

raised garden bed

Get out of bed in a variety of ways to improve your work efficiency.

Raises productivity by providing more space for roots

The difference between convex growth and underground growth is compared to the difference between living in cities and suburbs. If you live in the suburbs and want more space, you can literally spread it out. You may not even need a second floor - you can continue to increase the width or length of your home. If you live in a city and want more space, you need to go there. Urban residents live in apartments and apartment buildings, even in skyscrapers hundreds of feet high, just to provide space for everyone.

Underground gardens are like suburbs. When you put a plant in the ground, its roots will spread outward and remain relatively shallow, closer to the soil surface, which means that each plant needs a lot of horizontal space, so that its roots will not annoy its neighbors. The instructions on the seed pack for spacing plants one foot, two feet, or even three feet only apply to row gardens because they assume that you will plant seeds underground.

We hope to plant more plants in our garden and use every square inch of planting space we have. This means growing up and down as we do in cities, rather than expanding outward as we do in suburbs.

We can do this by giving root a chance to dig deeper underground on the convex bed. The factory will follow suit and grow vertically as we expand in the city. This means that we can accept more plants in the narrow space.

Plants like peas, which are usually planted three to five inches apart underground and take up a lot of space, can put their roots down deeply and help from the grid up, making every inch of your small garden space very important. This is how we give up the spacing rules on the back of the seed package - they do not apply to the vertical growth we achieve on the convex.

Of course, the more plants we can hold in a space, the more we will get.

Raises productivity by improving drainage

Good drainage is also important to improve productivity. Although you may like to soak in the bathtub for a long time, your plants do not like it. Most of the plants you grow in the vegetable garden - cabbage, radish, kale, peas, etc. - like to be watered often, but they hate to put their roots in water. It is difficult to control what kind of drainage you have underground, so if your plants are kept wet for too long, you are likely to struggle with mold, decay and mold. Poor drainage may even prevent your green from growing well.

On the convex bed, gravity is good for us, which can keep these roots happy. When I come to my vegetable garden, the soil is usually wet because it was watered but not soaked the day before.

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Raises productivity by extending the growing season

You can plant in the early spring and in the late autumn/winter on the convex bed to extend your total growth time. Near the end of winter, three or four inches of soil on the top of the raised garden bed will warm up faster than the ground. If I remove the snow on my bed in Chicago, I can plant it as early as the end of February or the beginning of March. It is in sharp contrast to the underground pollinator garden next to my convex bed. I couldn't even cross the first inch of snow with my shovel, so I had to wait longer for the ground to thaw before planting in that space.

Planting earlier and longer on the bulge means you can plant more things throughout the season.

Raised allows you to start with the best soil to improve productivity

With good drainage, good soil will follow. You will spend several seasons modifying the soil of the row garden to get the correct ingredients for growing vegetables. By using Convex Wake Up, you can start with the best soil and achieve success in your garden faster. To be honest, soil is so important that I can stop here!

Cause # 2 grows in a raised garden bed

Convex wake-up increases convenience

I bet you didn't go into gardening to spend time trudging in the mud or kneeling in the mud pulling weeds for hours, did you?

Once I started encouraging my clients to get out of bed, we were spoiled by the extra height. With a two foot high raised garden bed, you can bend from the waist to the level of plants, which makes it easier and more convenient to care for and harvest.

You may find that if you don't have to wear boots and wade in the mud to reach the plants, you may find that you want to go to the garden space more. After all, gardening should be a pleasant part of your daily life, not a chore.

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Cause # 3 grows in a raised garden bed

It looks beautiful when I get up

The raised garden bed can enhance your outdoor space and provide a lasting aesthetic feeling throughout the year. Even if your plants have not yet grown or your garden is covered with snow, your raised bed and trellis are also hard fittings, becoming an indispensable feature of your landscape. We are not talking about some plants and soil - we are talking about the function of keeping your yard beautiful all year round.

In addition, no matter what your house style is, there is a kind of raised garden bed material that can complement it.

Ready to grow on your own raised garden bed?