Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Benefits of Organic Gardening

Found 7 surprising reasons, organic is a good way to grow.

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When you plant your own backyard organic garden, you will get far more rewards than you need to go to the store every time you need tomatoes or a little basil. Organic gardening - in other words, planting on an underground or elevated bed with the help of nature - can benefit your wallet, your taste buds, your body, and even reassure you.

Here are seven impressive benefits of organic gardening:

1. You know what is in your food (what is not). Planting an organic garden will give you a first-hand understanding of how tomatoes spread from the starting plant (or seed) to the plate. You can control the substances in the soil and what plants absorb (if any) in addition to rain and sunlight.

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2. Your product is super fresh. Organic vegetable gardening provides you with the perfect flavor just picked a few minutes before dinner. After you taste the first asparagus spear taken directly from the soil or sugar crisp peas picked directly from the lattice, you will never doubt this. Like any family garden, you can harvest fruits and vegetables just a few steps away from the kitchen counter, which means you don't have to transport fruits and vegetables to local supermarkets across the country, and you will lose nutrition, freshness and flavor on the way.

3. You are creating a warm space for birds, bees and many other useful creatures. Organic gardening in the backyard is a great way to give back to nature. The nutrient rich soil and diversified plant combination in the organic garden help to create an ecosystem beneficial to the surrounding environment, supplement the soil, help prevent erosion, and provide a habitat for happy birds, bees, bats and other beneficial creatures.

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4. You will save money. Of course, you can buy a few organic heirloom tomatoes or a bag of organic vegetables at the supermarket for $5. Or, you can simply walk into your backyard and pick them up for free. Admittedly, it will cost a few dollars to start your organic garden, but once you start production, it will be yours.

5. You will get some exercise. Digging the soil, taking care of your baby plants, harvesting all the fresh food requires some muscle movement and stretching, which is always a good thing! Bonus: You work out outdoors, not in some stuffy gym.

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6. You can mix things up. No matter how you study the seeds, no matter how you get these seeds, planting your own organic garden will let you experience more vegetable varieties than you find in the store. Talk about a way to eliminate boredom!

7. You will get the main bragging rights. Whether you post on Instagram or share your harvest with your neighbors, your organic garden will generate a lot of rewards that are worth bragging about. Imagine telling the world how great it would be to cultivate these beautiful women yourself!