What Do You Put on the Ground Around Raised Beds?

If you are building or already have a garden bed for planting potted plants, you may want to know what to put around the bed. Placing the correct materials around the garden bed can protect your plants and help you keep your yard tidy.

Here are some materials you can place around the bed:

1.Wood chips: Wood chips are a cheap and effective material that can prevent the growth of weeds. After the planting season ends, place them around the bed. They can also reduce water evaporation and provide the organic matter required by plants.

2.Herbs: Herbs are very useful in protecting your plants. For example, herbs such as mint, purslane, rosemary, and artemisia can repel mosquitoes, aphids, and other pests. Plant them directly around the bed or cut them off and place them on the ground.

3.Rock: Placing rocks around the bed can help stabilize the soil and prevent water loss. They can also prevent the growth of weeds and enhance the beauty of the bed.

4.Bark: Covering the bark around the bed can prevent weed growth and increase organic matter. If you place the bed on your lawn, bark can also prevent the lawn from expanding into the bed.

5.Lawn boundaries: Lawn boundaries can make your yard look neat and orderly, and help protect your plants. They can also prevent confusion between the lawn and the bed.

No matter what materials you choose, make sure they do not damage your plants or absorb too much water. Before you start placing materials, make sure you have removed any old materials or weeds and consider using some fertilizers to increase plant growth.

In addition, there are some materials that need to be avoided. For example, plastic and plastic like materials should not be placed around beds because they can capture water and cause plants to lack water. In addition, large amounts of leaves and branches should be avoided as they may absorb too much water and become hiding places for pests.

If you are confused about how to place materials around the bed, you can seek professional advice or search for relevant resources. For example, online forums and social media groups can provide useful advice and techniques to help you ensure that the correct materials are placed around your bed.

raised garden bed

Finally, it is important to regularly check the materials you place around the bed and promptly replace any damaged or broken materials. This will ensure that your plants are adequately protected and help you keep your yard tidy and orderly.