What NOT to Compost


A great and easy way to turn your kitchen and yard wastes into usefulness for your garden. However, not all materials good to use for compost. There are some food wastes that will create an odor that may attract unwanted pests. Yard wastes can slow down or halt the decomposition process, which can slow down a plentiful harvest. Also, you don't want to add anything that could harm you or your plants when you use the finished compost in your garden.  Here is a list of what you should leave out of your compost bin.

  1. Meat & Fish Scraps
  2. Dairy, Fats, and Oils
  3. Plants or Wood treated with pesticides
  4. Black walnut tree debris
  5. Insect-infested diseased plants
  6. Weeds that have gone to seed
  7. Charcoal ash
  8. Animal waste (dog & cat)