Why are Bees Important for your Garden?

Are you afraid of bees? Well, it's time to fight that fear. Believe it or not bees are good for your garden, in fact, they are important for your garden to flourish.

Honeybees are the best pollinators we can get. They pollinate about 80% of the world’s flowering plants including most fruits, vegetables, and nuts. One in three bites of food we take is thanks to bees and other pollinators.

We know that bees are great for gardens and helps our crops flourish, but what exactly do they do? Bees transfer pollen between flowers as they move from plant to plant collecting nectar. This process is called cross-pollination and it is how bees help plants reproduce.

Cross-pollination also has benefits for the plants themselves. When bees transfer pollen between flowers, they inadvertently mix up the genetic material of the plants, creating different variants of plants. This mixing process also helps plants adapt and evolve to changes in their environment making them more resilient.

So, how do we get them? There are many ways to attract bees to your garden such as planting flowers that bees like or setting up a bee hotel. Some bee favorites include Rosemary, Morning Glory, Bee Balm and many more.

Bees are essential for a healthy ecosystem, but they are declining in numbers due to the use of pesticides, monoculture crops, and loss of habitat. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get some bees for your garden or garden beds to help in increasing their population! They will thank you by making your garden beautiful and bountiful.