Why You Should Use The Garden Bed In The Garden

In agricultural production, garden beds (also known as cultivation beds) have been widely used. Garden bed is a kind of organic planting method. It uses bed surface to enhance soil productivity, but also can reduce farming time and reduce farmers' physical labor. There are also many benefits of using garden beds in family gardens. Let's discuss these benefits.

raised garden beds

First, garden beds can improve soil quality. The garden bed is made by raising the bed surface and filling it with organic substances. These organic substances can promote microbial and biological activities in the soil, increase soil fertility and maintain soil moisture. Garden beds can not only improve soil structure, but also reduce soil erosion and water immersion.

Secondly, garden beds can increase the planting area. Garden beds can allow you to plant more crops in a limited space, because they can be planted on the bed surface without needing a large area of land. In addition, garden beds can also extend the planting time because they can be planted in early spring and late autumn because their bed surface is higher and the temperature is lower than the ground.

Third, garden beds can improve crop yields. Because the soil quality in the garden bed is better, the growth rate of crops is faster and the yield is higher. In addition, because garden beds can control soil moisture and temperature, they can better protect crops from fusarium wilt and other soil-borne diseases.

Fourth, garden beds can reduce physical labor. Garden beds do not require a lot of farming and ploughing, so they reduce the physical labor required in the garden. In addition, the crops on the garden bed grow more intensively and are easier to manage and harvest.

Finally, garden beds can beautify the garden. The garden bed can not only grow vegetables and fruits, but also flowers and herbs. These plants can add color and beauty to the garden and make it a pleasant place.

In short, garden bed is a beneficial organic planting method, which can improve soil quality, increase planting area, increase crop yield, reduce physical labor and beautify the garden. Using the garden bed in the family garden can make you easily enjoy the harvest of vegetables, fruits and flowers you grow. For those who want to try organic planting but face limited land, garden bed is a very good choice.

raised garden beds

However, before using the garden bed, you need to consider some things. First, you need to determine the size and height of your garden bed. The height of garden beds is usually between 1 and 2 feet, which can easily provide sufficient soil depth and root space for plants. Secondly, you need to select suitable bed fillers, such as rotten compost, mixed soil, rotten leaves, etc. Finally, you need to consider the drainage of the garden bed to ensure that the soil maintains proper humidity.

When using the garden bed, you need to check the soil moisture and fertilizer level frequently, and keep the garden bed clean and maintained. In addition, you also need to weed and trim plants regularly to ensure that they can get enough sunlight and air circulation.

In general, using garden beds is an organic planting method, which has many advantages. By improving soil quality, increasing planting area, increasing crop yield, reducing physical labor and beautifying the garden, garden beds can help you easily enjoy the harvest of vegetables, fruits and flowers you grow.