7 Ways from Olle Garden Bed Gardens Make People Healthier

There are many reasons to start growing a garden at home. Of course, they provide locally produced food, which reduces our global food mileage and does good for the planet. They transform our lawns into productive, money-saving entities instead of workplaces that only produce grass clippings on weekends. And, it is worth mentioning that the garden is beautiful with a collection of colorful flowers, fruits and vegetables to enjoy. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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In many ways, the garden seems to be missing from many of us in our lives, the missing connection in our relationship with food, the earth, and even the universe. For those of us trying to live healthy lives, gardening also makes sense. In addition to being good for the planet, the garden is good for our body and good for our mind.

1. Clean food

Obviously, the food produced in our own garden beds will have nutritional advantages. First, if we grow vegetables, we (and our children) may eat more vegetables, and we may also eat more vegetables when we don't pay a high price. We can grow local organic vegetables in the yard for the price of some seeds. This can lead to good health to a large extent.

2. Physical activity

Gardening offers some low-impact sports for all ages. Kids can help. Grandparents can be capable. Gardening uses the entire body – bending, squatting, pulling, raking, picking, pruning, walking, etc. If your waist is uncomfortable, then the raised garden bed perfectly solves this problem, using a raised garden bed, you can reduce the degree of bending. Exercise is not easy for many people because, in addition to the health benefits, running on a treadmill seems to lack purpose. Well, gardening has many purposes, and exercise is just one of them.

3. Mood lifting

Gardening is great for improving our overall view of things. It's nice to have an activity that can be fun, get us outdoors, and offer something related. Many believe that modern lifestyles have deprived us of the purpose of the tasks we perform (most of our work has no results other than income. With the garden, we have a renewed sense of purpose because the seeds we plant will provide food for tomorrow. It makes us feel good.

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4. Vitamin D

Another thing that makes us feel good is the sunlight we soak up in the garden. Sure, the sun feels good because it's warm and radiant, but it also makes us feel better because it's our main natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D keeps our bones strong and keeps our gut – our immune system – running smoothly. Going out to check the garden, pulling out some weeds, and picking some lettuce are great ways to get 15 minutes of sunshine a day.

5. Fresh air

In addition to the sun, the garden is also great for breathing fresh air and usually gives off the lovely aroma of blooming flowers. One problem with our lifestyle is that many of us find ourselves in the office for most of the day. Children tend to choose to play video games instead of playing outside. Grandparents sit and watch TV instead of enjoying a good day in the courtyard. The garden allows us to go out and get some fresh air, which is a great help both mentally and physically.

6. Relax

The mood is high, the sun is shining, the air is fresh – it's safe to say that the garden can be a great place to relax. In addition to this, gardening is an easy task that can free us from the stress of work or school. It's something we can do without being bound by the expectations of our boss or others. We can choose what to grow in our garden beds and we can choose how to take care of it. For those who do gardening regularly, flowers and vegetables seem to be really appealing. In addition, the garden invites picnics.

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7. Mental stimulation

For retirees or young people after school, gardening can also provide some stimulation to the brain. Have a reasonable number to keep up with the seedlings, arrange the order of crops, and pay attention to the season. The garden also lifts the senses – taste sun-heated tomatoes, smell blooming flowers, see the glitter of butterflies, feel the coolness of the earth under the covering, hear the buzz of bees and the hum of the breeze.

The garden felt right. They just do it. They encourage us to become active at home and engage with the whole planet. They bind us together and put us down. They feed us. They soothe us. They keep us healthy. These are important reasons to grow.

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