Did you know Veggies like and don't like certain vegetables?

Some veggies just don't get along. Take tomatoes and cucumbers, for example. Tomatoes love nothing more than a nice, juicy cucumber to sink their teeth into. But cucumbers? They can't stand the sight of tomatoes. It's a classic case of veggie dislike.

But it's not just tomatoes and cucumbers that don't see eye to eye. Oh no. There are plenty of other veggies that don't exactly get along either. Here are just a few examples:

- Carrots and peas - carrots think they're much too good for peas and peas can't stand being ignored by carrots.

- potatoes and onions - potatoes find onions a little bit too stinky for their liking and onions can't stand being near anything that's even remotely starchy.

- lettuce and cabbage - lettuce loves the attention that cabbage gets and cabbage can't stand having anything anywhere near it that's green.

So why do some veggies dislike each other so much? Well, there are a few theories. One is that they just don't have much in common. Another is that they're competing for the same resources (like water and sunlight). And a third is that they're just naturally predisposed to not getting along (kind of like some people!).

Whatever the reason, one thing's for sure: when it comes to veggies, not all is fair in love and war.

Here is a quick guide:

  • Peas don't like too much water.
  • Potatoes do not like tomatoes.
  • Potatoes don't like cucumbers.
  • Potatoes and cabbage are besties.
  • Do not plant beans with onions or beets.
  • Beans love carrots.
  • Beets love onion, cabbage, and potatoes.
  • Tomatoes love carrots, and peas.
  • Cabbage does not like radishes. (I'm mean who does?)
  • Beans and cucumbers do not like each other. (Can't we all just get along? NO)
  • Carrots and onions do well together. (They make it world)

O' if the world could just be like carrots and onions.

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