Raspberry Pruning

Pruning raspberries is an important part of ensuring a bumper harvest year after year. By pruning the canes (the stems that bear the fruit), you encourage new growth and prevent the spread of disease. Canes that are more than two years old should be pruned away, as they will produce fewer berries. Any canes that are diseased or damaged should also be removed.

Before pruning, it's a good idea to clean up any debris around the raspberry plants, as this can harbour diseases. Cut away any dead leaves or stems, and remove any weeds. Then, prune the canes back to about knee height. This will encourage new growth and prevent the plant from becoming too woody.

Harvesting berries is a simple matter of gently picking them from the stem. It's best to do this in the morning, when the berries are at their freshest. Any that are damaged or mouldy should be discarded, as they can spoil the rest of the batch.

Pruning raspberries is a simple but important task that will help ensure a bountiful harvest year after year. By following these tips, you can enjoy delicious berries for many seasons to come.

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