Tips and Tricks for Planting a Fall Garden

Don't you love the fall weather? The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are cooling down and the holiday season is coming! It's also the perfect weather for gardening. Contrary to the believe, you can garden in fall. There are many benefits to gardening in fall: the weather is good, and the insects are not as active. If you use Olle galvanized raised garden beds to garden, the garden beds help keep your soil warm.

Here are some tips and tricks for planting a fall garden:

  1. Prepare your soil - Remove any weeds or remaining crops from your previous harvest. Loosen up your soil if it has it is has turned dense. You can use a garden fork to do so. Replace your mulch if it can no longer be reused.
  2. Sow your seeds - Make sure that you distance the seeds accordingly. If you plant them too close to each other, your crops may not grow well.
  3. Water your crops - Water your crops regularly and consistently, especially if there is a lack of rain. Garden beds help to retain moisture, so you won't have to water your plants as often. Adjust the amount of watering done based on your weather.
  4. Harvesting requires patience - Make sure you don't harvest your crops too soon. Most fall crops can handle the light frost letting them grow into the early winter may result in a better flavor.

With these tips, you'll be able to enjoy a bountiful fall harvest! Just remember to have patience; your crops will need time to grow. Garden beds make it easy to get a great harvest while keeping your plants healthy and happy.

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