Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Garden Vegetables, 4 Steps to Create A Beautiful Yard

Vegetable garden is a way of returning to nature and returning to nature. Many people yearn for pastoral farming life. They can start the planting mode by opening up a site in their own courtyard and making simple planning after leveling the soil. About the raised bed vegetables of those tips, please see below.

Vegetable Raised Bed Site Selection

First of all, the site selection of vegetable garden has great importance. The growth of vegetables needs sufficient sunlight, so the site selection should be in the area with good lighting.

Then you need to place the field in an area close to the kitchen, so that you can easily pick it and remind you to take care of it.

Finally, it needs to be close to a water source for future irrigation.

raised garden bed
The layout of the vegetable raised bed

The first is the regular strip shape, reserving the road needed for planting, and the other areas adopt the layout of the long strip shape, regular distribution, keep the sense of tidiness, each planting a vegetable, forming the sense of line.

The second is the regular square, the shape of the planting pool is square, the array is arranged in the site, and each square is planted with a vegetable for the convenience of later management.

The third type is the radial type, which has a center and leads to the planting roads around, with planting operation areas between the roads.

The fourth combines the above to form a geometric composition, combining water features, flower pools and vegetable planting pools to form a variety of landscape together.
raised garden bed
Vegetable garden planting pool form selection

Vegetable planting ponds can take many forms and can be raised above the ground, with brick, stone or wooden boards framing the boundaries. This form will keep the vegetable garden tidy and clean, and prevent the soil from being scattered on the ground when the soil is loosened. It can also be level with the ground and delimited by paths or masonry.

The choice of growing vegetables

For beginners in vegetable growing, choose easy to grow vegetable varieties such as lettuce, tomato, peas, beans, radish, zucchini, rhubarb, loofah, leek, thyme, Perilla, etc., and of course, depending on your dietary preferences. It is recommended that you do not grow too much of each variety and plant it properly according to the population of your home, otherwise it would be a pity to waste food.

garden beds

With these tips in hand, you can start designing your own vegetable garden. It's exciting to think about drawing your own plans and getting started when the ice melts and everything comes back to life.

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