Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Helping Your St. Augustine Grass Survive The Winter

When you live in the south, nothing can give you a lush and beautiful front lawn like St. Augustine Grass. Its durability helps it withstand the severe test of southern summer, and its resistance to salinity means that even if you have a home on the coast, it is also suitable. However, winter can be a challenge for those who live further north and use St. Augustine's lawn. If you live in a mild winter climate, the following tips will help your yard survive in severe winter. You should consider another type of grass. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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Keep alert in summer. St. Augustine can start to prepare from winter to summer

; This is the most active growing season. Unfortunately, although grass is strong, healthy and prosperous for the future, it is also vulnerable to pests, diseases and other disturbances that may affect its ability to survive the winter. Regular mowing and watering will ensure that it grows at its best, while free use of pest control solutions will inhibit insects that affect its cold tolerance.

Continue the whole autumn

With the coming of the day, you will need to redouble your efforts to help St. Augustine Grassland prepare for the long winter ahead. You can best achieve this goal by ensuring that the lawn is fertilized every month to ensure that it has a strong nitrogen base, but do not be stingy with potassium. Your fertilizer should contain about half of the potassium to help your grass endure winter abuse.

You will also want to reduce your autumn mowing. The reduced sunlight and temperature will begin to affect the firmness of the lawn, so please give it every opportunity to retain energy, rather than encourage it to use this supply to rebuild its height. An inch higher should have enough room for manoeuvre.

One of the other elements that makes St. Augustine's turf suitable for commercial and residential use is its ability to withstand moderate wear and tear. Unfortunately, as the year ends, it becomes more sensitive in the cold months, so encourage your family to step on it during this time.

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Pay attention to the rainy season

Winter in the south is often a rainy season, so it is necessary to postpone the watering habit or risk drowning the grass. When the grass starts to wither, turn brown or start to show a gray tone, it is time to add a little extra water on it to help it cheer up. If you don't mind if the lawn is a little wilted, you will want to avoid watering completely unless it starts to turn brown or gray. Overwatering can be a serious problem if you are not careful how often you do it.

St. Augustine grass is a kind of healthy grass, especially suitable for the southern climate, but this does not mean that it is impregnable. If you are one of the lucky homeowners who can exercise the lawn made of this lush and elastic grass, make sure you take appropriate steps to help it through the most difficult period of the year. Through careful maintenance and proper treatment, you will see your lawn flourish year after year, ensuring that you always have a beautiful place to create memories with your family.

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