Tips from Olle Garden Bed: How Can I Keep My Garden Watered While On Vacation Without Help?

How to keep the vegetable garden watered when on vacation without help? My neighbors are not free. My family lives far away. I don't want my garden to die.This is a common problem among gardeners, and it is also a problem I have practiced for many years. You can take some measures to ensure that your plants will not dry up during your vacation. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.


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  1. Rain bucket

When you leave, connect the rain bucket to the soaking hose. This will keep water dripping from the rain bucket onto your plants. They should not become oversaturated or dry when you leave. This is a good choice for underground garden plot or garden beds.

  1. Sprinkler

If you are in a hurry, the next method is great. Set up sprinklers to water the whole garden. Place the sprinkler on the timer, turn on the water, and expect your plants to water at the same time every day. This applies to raised garden beds, containers placed close to or underground garden plots.

  1. Crystal

Watering crystal is the product of your work in the soil. These pellets absorb water and slowly release it back into the plant over time. You can add these to the soil of the container or window frame to ensure that your plants have enough water. You may want to use it in conjunction with another watering method to ensure that your plants retain sufficient moisture.

  1. Water and covering before travel

Whether you have container gardens, garden beds or underground garden plots, it is wise to water your garden before leaving. When finished, add a covering to the area. This will help to retain moisture and keep the soil cool.

  1. Dripper

Dripping pots are not the most beautiful things, but they can help you keep plants watered when you go out. This is most suitable for underground garden plots and elevated beds. The idea is to bury a plastic pot in the ground next to the plant. There should be multiple holes in this container. Place the neck of the container on the ground so that you can add water to the bottle. Fill the container with water. As time goes on, it will seep out of the container and keep the plant water.

  1. Water bulb

If you have a window frame or container and need to keep watering when you go out, please buy some watering bulbs. They can be glass or plastic. Either way, fill the bulbs with water and stick them into the soil. The plants will absorb water from the bulbs when they need more water

  1. Pouring the wick

This method is applicable to indoor plants or container gardens. A container for holding water is arranged, and the wick is flowed into the potted plant from the water. The wick will absorb water and transfer it to the soil of the plant.

. Move your container

If you have a container garden, you know that they have to be watered almost every day because there is very little soil available for plants. You should use some of the methods provided here to help the soil retain moisture, but you should also consider moving the plants to the shade when you leave. This should inhibit the amount of water plants need, because the sun will not hit them directly.

  1. Add shadows

This idea has a similar thinking process to the one mentioned above. If you have underground garden plots or elevated beds, you cannot easily move them. However, you can add sunshades or umbrellas in these areas. These items help filter sunlight, so plants don't need as much water when you leave. This idea should be used in conjunction with the other ideas mentioned here, but it can help preserve the water you provide for the plant when you leave.

  1. Automatic watering container

When you leave, our last choice for watering your plants is mainly window frames and containers. Try using a container that is automatically watered. There is a water tank at the bottom of these flowerpots, which allows the roots of the plants to pump water as needed. This allows your plants to be watered easily when you leave.

You now have ten ideas for watering plants when you are on vacation without help. There is no reason why you can't have a rest without going home and seeing dead plants.

Instead, use some of these techniques to keep your garden thriving when you leave, and enjoy a harvest and quiet holiday in the same year.

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