Tips from Olle Garden Bed: How to Make Your Strawberry Plants Sleep In Winter

At that time of the year again. The weather is getting colder and colder. You clean up the fallen leaves in the yard and bring in all the delicate flowers. Now is the time to start thinking about letting your strawberry plants sleep in winter! The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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What do you need?

Here are some of the ingredients needed to winter the strawberry plant. You only need four things, and then you will go on the road to the goodness of berries!


Shovel (optional)

Step by step guide for wintering ground grown strawberries

It's time to prepare strawberry plants for winter and make sure they are healthy and happy when spring comes. Wintering strawberry plants is an important part of gardening, so take the right steps to get them ready! However, there is a big difference between underground strawberry plants and potted strawberry plants. Here are some tips on how to put ground strawberry plants on the bed in winter:

Step 1 – Make sure they are dormant

To successfully winter your strawberry plants, you need to make sure they are dormant. You can confirm this by checking the crown. If you don't see new active growth, your strawberries are ready for bed!

Generally, strawberry plants growing in Zone 5 and below enter into dormancy in late November. If you plant this plant in Zone 6, 7 or 8, dormancy occurs in December.

Step 2 – Remove any dead vegetation

Removing dead and wilted leaves from strawberry fields is an important step in maintaining plant health. This helps reduce the chance of getting sick and ensures that the leaves look neat.

Make sure you remember to discard the leaves scattered under the plant. To remove dead and withered leaves, it is best to use a rake.

Step 3 – Coverage

Strawberry mulching is an important part of winter. It provides better drainage, air circulation, maintains moderate soil temperature, prevents weed invasion, and reduces or eliminates the need for frequent watering.

The amount of mulch you should use will depend on your climate and local environment. In colder climates, a thicker cover may be required to protect plants from freezing temperatures.

You can use many different covering materials. Straw is the first choice, but it must be free of dirt and debris. In addition to straw, pine needles also work wonders.

Other organic substances, such as leaves and hay, are not suitable for strawberry plants. It is well known that hay carries grass and weed seeds, leaving clumps and trapping water. Do not pack the covering too hard to form a moisture-proof layer. The material shall be sufficiently loose to permit air flow and drainage. It is best to apply mulch when the soil is wet but unsaturated.

raised garden beds

Tips for potted strawberry plants to overwinter

Overwintering potted strawberries is an important part of protecting them from frost damage and ensuring that they produce sweet berries in warm months.

Follow these quick tips to winter your potted plants, so you can enjoy delicious strawberries when the growing season is in full swing.

Put them underground

Pick up your strawberry pot and dig a hole where there is no snow. Put potted strawberry plants into the ground. Pack them tightly so that they can stay comfortable and warm throughout the winter. Now is the time to cover them! You can use straw, pine needles, or any covering you like to allow proper airflow. This will provide additional insulation and protection against unwanted small animals or cold days.

Use the heat around

If you live in a mild climate, please use your family's strength to help protect your plants. Put strawberry pots along the wall on the shelter side of the house and give them a good cover. It will keep them warm and comfortable all winter!

Use your garage

If you are lucky enough to have a garage without heating, you can spend the winter there with those strawberry plants! You don't need to cover them in the garage, but if your location becomes super cold, make sure they are against the interior wall. This is a good way to winter your strawberry plants, as long as the temperature in the space is not lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Professional tips: keep the strawberry plants hydrated in winter. Check the humidity level of plants regularly. If they need water, you can put a handful of snow on each plant every week. This will ensure that they get enough water to sustain life in winter.

Be the best berry

Now that you know how to take care of your strawberry plants during winter sleep, it's time to start working! Don't forget to cover and keep moisture.

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