Tips from Olle Garden Bed: How To Store Pumpkin Seeds For Planting

Maybe this year you found the perfect pumpkin for making Jack's lanterns, or you planted an unusual heirloom pumpkin this year and hope to try planting it again next year. It's easy to preserve pumpkin seeds. Planting pumpkin seeds with your favorite pumpkin will also ensure that you can enjoy them again next year. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

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Preserve pumpkin seeds

Remove the pulp and seeds from the inside of the pumpkin. Place it in the colander.

Place the colander under running water. When the water flows through the pulp, the seeds are selected from the pulp. Rinse them with running water like you do. Do not put pumpkin flesh in non tap water.

There will be more seeds in the pumpkin than you can grow, so once you have washed a lot of seeds, look at them and choose the largest one. The number of pumpkin seeds planned to be saved is three times the number of plants planted next year. Larger seeds will have better germination opportunities.

Place the washed seeds on a dry paper towel. Ensure that they are spaced apart; Otherwise, the seeds will adhere to each other.

Keep in a cool and dry place for one week.

After the seeds are dried, the pumpkin seeds are stored in envelopes for planting.

Proper storage of pumpkin seeds for planting

When saving pumpkin seeds, please store them for planting next year. Any seeds, pumpkins or other things are best stored in a cold, dry place.

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One of the best places to store pumpkin seeds for planting next year is in the refrigerator. Place the pumpkin seed envelope in a plastic container. Make several holes in the lid of the container to ensure that condensation does not accumulate inside. Place the container containing the seeds at the back of the refrigerator.

Next year, when you need to plant pumpkin seeds, your pumpkin seeds will be ready. Saving pumpkin seeds is an interesting activity for the whole family, because even the smallest hand can help. Also, after you store pumpkin seeds properly for planting, children can help you plant seeds in your garden.

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