Tips From Olle Garden Bed: South East Gardening Task – What To Do In The Garden In December

As winter begins in the southeast, we will all experience colder temperatures, but these temperatures vary depending on where we are in the south. The following is a summary of the expected gardens in the region for December. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

December Regional to-do list Some states give up gardening for one month, and some states give up gardening for two to three months. People in Florida and other regions continue to plant and harvest, only turning to cool seasonal crops. North Carolina, where I live, had about 175 days between the first and last frost dates. In this mild winter, these may shorten.

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Pay close attention to your local weather forecast, and check the yearbook specific to your region to learn about the planting window this month. Planting can include cold season herbs and vegetables as follows:


Leaf lettuce
English pea
Chinese cabbage

Check your USDA cold resistant area to ensure that your planting meets your conditions from planting to harvest time. In areas unlikely to freeze, plant annual flowers in the cool season in exchange for color. You can also plant deciduous fruit and nut trees this month. Prune fruit trees that have been planted and apply dormant oil when pests need it.

If you use wood heat in a fireplace or cook on a wood stove, use some of the ashes to improve the pH of the garden and lawn soil. If it is below 6.0, the ash may help raise it. The ideal pH of the soil is 6.0 to 6.9 pH. If you are not sure about the readings on the soil, please conduct a soil test through the local promotion service or purchase a test kit in the garden center.

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Other housework in the southeast in December

Apply fertilizer to indoor plants that have not been fertilized recently. If liquid fertilizer is used, water them first.

Continue raking the leaves in the yard, chopping them up to smear on the garden bed or use them as a whole. Leaves are sometimes used as mulch.

Cut shrubs for indoor holiday decorations. Use holly, nandina, pyracantha and Washington hawthorn if they grow in your landscape and have red berries.

Amarillis and other bulbs are mandatory for winter flowers.

The lawn care in the southeast of December varies depending on the type of grass you plant. Your lawn may be brown, waiting for spring to reappear. If you are planting winter grass, please continue to mow, fertilize and remove weeds. Water winter grass as needed. Dig out the winter grass. Conduct soil tests to determine if lime is required on the lawn.

Cut down a Christmas tree, or buy a Christmas tree that can be planted in your landscape later.

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