Tips from Olle Garden Bed: Stop Money Tree Plant From Turning Yellow

They said that if you need good luck, the plant to be planted is the money tree plant. This indoor plant is famous for its ability to grow together with the braided trunk. Once the plant is fully grown and combines its smooth leaves, you can see it. The following content also has some reference value for raised garden beds.

Woven money tree plants are what you need to bring your home or office to a better style level. Although there are various myths surrounding this plant, it can be proved that it can transform unattractive plants into attractive ones.

The cash cow belonging to Ranunculaceae is an easy to maintain plant; Provide basic requirements for survival to ensure easy reproduction.

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This plant can be grown indoors and outdoors, as long as the weather and temperature conditions are suitable for the money tree plant. When grown outdoors, they can grow to 60 feet. Cool, isn't it? On the other hand, if they grow indoors, they can grow 6 feet. This is an indoor plant, which may be taller than you.

Money tree growers are always keen on the reproduction of money tree plants, considering the impact of low cost and easy maintenance. However, one of the obstacles to overcome in the growth process is that the leaves begin to turn yellow.

When the leaves begin to turn yellow, this indicates that there is something wrong with the appearance of the leaves of the plant. This is a huge cause of concern, as growers often have no idea why or how to deal with it.

Why do the leaves on my money tree turn yellow?

There are several reasons why the cash cow plants turn yellow. Please check the following to avoid such a situation or determine the reason why your cash cow plants turn yellow.

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  1. Improper soil humidity

Overwatering is the term for plants submerged in excessive water. Overwatered soil is also known as waterlogged or wet. This soil condition does not allow oxygen to be present in the soil.

The signs of over watering the soil are poor growth and development of plants and rotting roots, which are usually accompanied by yellowing of leaves. Improper soil is caused by poor drainage of water in the money tree pot or container

  1. Humidity level

The humidity level of the money tree plant is the key to its healthy growth, because it determines the atmosphere for plant growth. The humidity level of the plant should be at least 50%.

Too dry atmosphere has no effect on plants and affects them, leading to changes in the appearance of leaves. Temperature should also be considered.

Avoid severe weather conditions of overheating or supercooling; These weather conditions cause damage to the growth of plants, which is the reason why the leaves turn yellow.

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  1. Improper lighting

When plants receive too little or too much light, improper lighting will occur. When plants are deprived of enough light, they cannot obtain enough nutrition to ensure proper growth.

Changes in the appearance of leaves usually begin when bright leaves become dark before they begin to turn yellow.

  1. Pest infestation

When plants are attacked by pests and insects, pest infestation will occur. The common pests that affect the money tree are aphids and whiteflies.

If not controlled, these pests may damage your plants. These pests consume nutrients from the money tree plant. When this happens, the appearance of the leaves starts to change as the leaves turn yellow.

  1. Natural causes

The reason why your money tree plant may turn yellow may not be any other reason, but it is getting old. One sign that your money tree is getting old is that the leaves may begin to turn yellow

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  1. Fertilization

Fertilization is the basic element of the growth process of monetarium plants. Overfertilization and underfertilization are conditions related to fertilization, your money tree plants.

In some cases, your money tree plant's soil cannot provide enough nutrients for the soil. Refusing to fully fertilize the soil will affect the appearance of the plant's leaves, because there is not enough nutrients.

In the case of over fertilization, this means that the grower has exceeded the amount of fertilizer needed for plant survival. The effect of over fertilization is manifested by yellowing of leaves, as the soil and decay have been affected.

How to repair the yellowing of money tree plants?

Repairing your Money Tree plant depends on why the leaves turn yellow. From the above reasons, determine the possible causes. How to fix it is usually after determining the cause.

  1. How to solve the problem of improper soil moisture

This is usually caused by over watering the soil. If the soil is over watered for a long time, you need to adjust the watering schedule to meet the watering needs of plants. In case of over watering, you need to stay away from the water surface temporarily to restore the roots.

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If root rot occurs due to over watering, plants and soil need to be potted again. The main reason for over watering is the flowerpot or container used for money tree plants. Make sure that the pots or containers used are drilled in order to drain well.

  1. Increase or decrease the humidity level

If the humidity level is not suitable for money tree plants, you can use a humidifier. The humidifier ensures to improve the humidity level of plants.

Another way to improve the humidity level is to spray the leaves regularly. In addition to regular spraying, you can also plant money tree plants in other leaves. All of these are reliable means to increase the humidity level of money tree plants.

  1. Improper lighting

If improper lighting is the cause of the yellowing of the leaves, please change the position of the money tree plant to a position that can receive enough light. If natural light from the sun proves to be insufficient (this mainly happens to indoor growers), you can use artificial light, such as light bulbs and fluorescent lamps.

  1. Pest infestation

Pest infestation shall be extinguished when found. Delaying the fight is very bad for the survival of plants, because these pests may damage the plants. Cleaning the leaves and spraying with insecticide soap will help eliminate pest infestation at an early stage.

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  1. Natural causes

If aging is the cause of the yellowing of leaves, there is no alternative but to cut off the affected parts to wait for new growth.

  1. Fertilization

In the case of insufficient or excessive fertilization, the monetarine plant grower should study the sufficient amount for survival and adhere to the required amount.


After detecting the cause of your money tree plant, the first step to repair this indoor plant is to cut off all affected parts.

Yellow leaves cannot become the original green of the money tree. Cutting out the affected parts provides space for new growth. After cutting off the affected part, you can continue to make other necessary changes to your money tree plant.

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